Overcome Train To Hunt

One can never understand the power of a community until they are part of one that is devoted to a lifestyle and gives us purpose and meaning. Train to Hunt unites us for one common goal- to prepare us for the back country.

In this episode of Pursue the Wild from Season 1, Kristy Titus takes you through her personal journey to Train To Hunt from knee reconstruction to overcoming all obstacles, taking the finish line with her partner Krista Magnussen who has also overcome her own physical challenges to compete. Train To Hunt- simply the purpose that inspires us to overcome whatever it is in life that is holding us back. This episode is dedicated to always being your best self, giving 110% because you don't cross finish lines with excuses.

Why I Succeed with Kristy Titus

Motivation from Kristy Titus.
Why do I succeed? Because I am willing to do things that you are not. I will fight against the odds. I will sacrifice. I am not shackled by fear, insecurity or doubt. I feel those emotions- drink them in and then swallow them away. I am motivated by accomplishment not pride. If I fail, I will get up. If I am beaten, I will return. I will never stop getting better. I will never give up. I am a wildernesses athlete. I am mountain built and I Pursue the Wild. 

Wilderness Athlete Community

We are excited to introduct the all new- Wilderness Athlete Community

The new Wilderness Athlete Community will be the ideal place for our community to share, ask, questions, solve problems and help each other to experience the most epic of outdoor adventures. 

Whats on the forum?

Nutrition & Fitness-

Home of all things nutrition and fitness for the Wilderness Athlete. Post recipes, share advice for maintaining motivation, and suggestions on how to successfully reach your daily activity level goals. 

Ask Coach Paulsen-

The only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked. Let's all benefit by picking the brain of Mark Paulsen, a man with unique experience and knowledge of the sports nutrition world. Coach Mark Paulsen has been training collegiate athletes and developing solutions for Outdoor Performance Nutrition for over 20 years. 

Outdoor Performance-

How, why and what we do to optimize our performance in the wilderness. Everything from kettlebells and lunges to gear tips and backcountry food choices that help us succeed. 

28 Day Challenge-

There is strength in numbers. Sharing our secrets for success and struggles along the way will elevate our results on day 28. 

We would like to invite you to join and help us grow our team. 

This week, sign up for an account on the new forum and get access to a special 15% discount code to use on our online store. 

                                                             - The Wilderness Athlete Team

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Shoot Down Cancer

The fight to shut down cancer never stops as it is a disease that has personally touched nearly every one of our hearts and lives. The #ShootDownCancer 3D archery benefit is supporting the fight to shut down cancer by raising critical funds and awareness for cancer research.

In 2014, the #ShootDownCancer benefit focused on Pancreatic Cancer awareness and research and in the support of Rick Carone following his diagnosis of the disease at the age of 42. With an extensive history in the outdoor industry including 10 years in production for the Buck Commander television show and current featured member of Sheep Shape TV, Rick is a man that has touched the hearts and lives of many throughout the outdoor industry and inspired the nation with his self-proclaimed triple threat of attack on cancer; faith, family and friends.

Last year, nearly 300 people took part in the #ShootDownCancer 3D event and this year, the benefit surpassed those numbers.

This year funds were donated to the Arkansas Ovarian Cancer Society in an effort to raise critical funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Gary & Karen Powell of 12 Ring Archery in Conway Arkansas graciously hosted the #ShootDownCancer event with the support of Bo Dottley and Tim Endsley. The 3D course featured two archery ranges, two novelty shoots and there was also a mini Train To Hunt Challenge course.

Celebrity shooters from the outdoor industry that are supporting the fight to #ShootDownCancer  include the continued support from Rick Carone of Sheep Shape TV, Willi Shmidt of Pure Hunting, Joshua Carney of Son of the South TV, Kristy Titus of RMEF’s Team Elk TV, Rob Schneider of Rattler Grips and Kenton Clarimont of Train to Hunt and Sheep Shape TV.

There were over $20,000 in prizes from the outdoor industries largest companies given out to participants in the shoot.

#ShootDownCancer represents the outdoor industries outpouring of love and support helping to raise awareness and helping the fight to shut down cancer.

Thank you for supporting the fight against cancer, I am already looking forward to participating in the 2016 #ShootDownCancer event.



Elk Hunter Magazine Summer 2015


Testing Your Swole

 Establishing A Baseline For Progress

Swole: The state of being muscular and/or in good shape.

Elk season is coming and hunters are putting the final touches on souting, gear, and physical fitness. these are our last months to trim off any additional body fat and tone up our muscle in preparation for heavy packs full of delicious wild game meat. 

No matter where you are in your weight lifting and/or training program, the glory days of your lifting life may not apply here. Having a detailed journal of nearly every lift I've ever performed, I always want to push more and lift heavier than ever, but that is not necessarily what is best for the body. 

In the gym, we should only lift weight that coincides with our current level of health fitness. 

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Western Hunter Magazine- Spring 2015

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

-Meal Planning For A Leaner, Harder, Healthier Physique

Your fitenss goals have been set and this is your year to take on the mountain with a healthier, leaner, hardery physique than ever before. In order to achieve your goals, you have to become stronger than your excuses, and learn to manage your time. Now is the time to create a system that will keep you on track and eating clean throughout the week. 

Meal planning will help you stick to and maintain a diet that is filled with whole natural foods that maximize your energy levels while promoting fat burning and muscle development.

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Being fit enough to hike the mountains and pack out your game is critical. This topic is under-appreciated and under-appreciated. We talk about fitness tips, strategies, and the mental side of getting tough. Kristy Titus will help you to  take care of your body and improving your overall health. This isn’t just about hunting; this is about quality of life!

Being in shape and feeling vigorous is key to being an efficient and effective hunter. Professional trainers Mark Paulsen and Kristy Titus teach you exercise and fitness techniques, how to eat better, and how to pack meals for mountain hunting.

Gear is one of the most critical subjects in all of western hunting, and Western Hunter Magazine brings detailed write-ups and reviews in each and every issue. Backpacks, boots, optics, ammo, clothing and more. We only review and focus on product we believe in.

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