Her Inspired Journey- EP 011 - Pursue the Wild

My latest podcast on Her Inspired Journey Podcast with Courtney LeVesque is LIVE on Sticher, Podbean, Google Play and Spotify. The episode is full of good tips on healthy eating, sticking to goals, keeping cheats “clean” and giving yourself grace through the process. We also talk about some of our favorite Wilderness Athlete supplements, the 28 Day Challenge, growing up hunting and more!

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Courtney LeVesque brings raw, and authentic inspiration to women pursuing their dreams, enjoying the outdoors, and balancing life. With a combination of solo and featured guests you can find topics on motivation, health and fitness, hunting, preparing for backcountry treks and more. Tune in every Monday for a new episode and a weekly dose of encouragement.


Team VTAC Podcast with Kyle Lamb

It’s my honor to be part of the latest Viking Tactics Inc. podcast alongside Neil Davies from Hornady, and Professional Shooter and Ruger Shooting Team Captain, Doug Koenig. Click the link below to listen. We talk Precision Shooting, scope & bullet choices,and the 300 PRC being adopted by the Special Operations Forces in America. We might even talk a little bit about the 6.5 Creedmoor.

A little backstory, when this photo was taken of me and Kyle, I had totally pulled a “fan girl” move when I walked up to him, introducing myself letting him know that I really enjoyed his books. He looked at me and was like “girl you’ve got the wrong guy.” I was persistent and said, “no, I loved your books, Green Eyes Black Rifles and Leadership In The Shadows.” Well the rest is history and we are now friends. It’s an incredible world that we live in where I got to sit down with one of my idols to be part of his podcast with the best Ammo manufactures in the world and the best pistol shooter in the world. For that, God Bless America. And, it goes to show- never stop learning and always keep moving forward! Thank you Kyle for the friendship. I do hope you all enjoy the podcast!



MidWest Outdoors Podcast

Breathtaking, awe-inspiring wilderness holds the potential for the hunt of a lifetime. But you can only enjoy such a trip if you can handle the physical and mental challenges of getting back in there, hunting hard, and coming back out.

Backcountry superstar Kristy Titus, only the second woman ever to grace the cover of MidWest Outdoors magazine, describes how she learned to hunt vast vistas and cavernous canyons on DIY fair-chase hunts.

Her story begins in the November, 2018 issue of the magazine and continues here, in her own words.

Take a listen. It’s time well spent!



Rut & River Pursuits Podcast

The Kristy Titus episode. Join us this week as the crew talks with Kristy Titus. Kristy is the host of the new digital series, Pursue The Wild. She serves on the NRA Board of Directors, is a competitive precision rifle series shooter and an all around world class ambassador of the outdoors.


For more Sonic Campfires go to www.rutandriverpursuits.com


Precision Rifle Channel Podcast with Travis Ishida

On today’s special episode of Precision Rifle Channel Podcast, Travis invites “Pursue The Wild” host, Kristy Titus, to the podcast!


Here are just a few things listed on Kristy’s extensive resume: She’s part of the NRA Board of Directors, is a successful shooting instructor and hunter, stars in her own digital series ‘Pursue The Wild’, and serves as a brand ambassador for many companies like Ruger, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Nightforce Optics, and many more!

Learn more about Kristy, her shooting career, her advice for female shooters in the sport, and more on the PRC Podcast!


0:25 – Kristy’s extensive resume with hunting, shooting sports, and the NRA.

4:08 – How Kristy got into shooting sports and hunting

11:04 – What rifle Kristy is running this year

13:25 –Kristy’s hunting setup VS. her competition set up

15:51 – How many matches Kristy has competed in this year so far

19:10 – Advice to females interested in precision rifle shooting

20:13 – Kristy’s goals going into each match

24:30 – The expenses of paying for gear in precision rifle shooting

26:52 – Any crossovers between precision rifle shooting and hunting?

29:30 – Kristy’s thoughts on Long Range Hunting

32:14 – Pursue the Wild episode with USMC Kirstie Ennis

38:14 – The growth of the sport next year

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