Intro To Making Elk Sounds

In the latest PTW Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus and Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls walk you through making your first sounds with a diaphragm elk call. These elk calling tips will help you to create realistic sounding elk calls in no time.

Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube

The WILD FRENZY was designed by Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus featuring Volume Enhanced Tone Technology (V.E.T.T.) as well as our tried and true Tone Selector. With the V.E.T.T. system the bugle tube creates true, easy to obtain bull elk sounds. The Tone Selector on the end of the bugle tube allows you to change the amount of volume projected and control the back pressure on your diaphragm. These two specialized features help you obtain the most realistic bugles possible.

The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring, tuned to the right dimensions, inside the specially made adapter. The spring creates more volume, stabilizes higher notes, has raspier low growls, easier octave changes and takes less air to operate. The spring allows for the right amount of vibration to enhance the tone quality and volume that is achieved when bugling into it.

The tube comes completely assembled with the spring and adapter inserted into the tube and is ready to use with your favorite mouth call diaphragm. The vibration dampener (Tube Tamer) is on the inside of the tube on the large end. This helps enrich the deep sounds for chucking and eliminates any plastic vibration. No more ‘tuby’ sounds.

The tube is less than 18” in overall length making it easier for packing, while still providing the volume and realistic quality sounds of a larger tube. With its 1” mouth opening and tapered lip adapter there is more comfort and control of all your bull elk sounds.

Hunting Is Healing with USMC Kirstie Ennis

On this episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus has the honor of taking Sgt. USMC (retired) Kirstie Ennis, on her first elk hunt. Ennis was an aerial gunner that was severely wounded in a helicopter crash while serving her country in June 2012. She suffered severe facial trauma, spinal cord damage, damage to both arms and was in limb salvage for many years. Since this hunt took place, Ennis had her left leg amputated above the knee as a result of injuries sustained during the crash.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without hunting, especially going through what I did,” said Sgt. USMC (retired) Kirstie Ennis in the opening lines of the show. “The outdoors does something to you. Its gets you up and moving.”

Ennis’ hunt is thanks to the work of RMEF and Wounded Warrior Outdoors, who gained special access to private timberland in the Pondosa Tract in California for this hunt. This moving hunt originally aired on the RMEF Team Elk television show.

Titus Ventures Into The Precision Rifle Series

Shouldering our rifle, crosshairs steady on the animal of our dreams. Everything we do as hunters comes together in a few short seconds. One press of the trigger can lead to that notch being taken out of our tag. 

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she ventures into competitive precision marksmanship in the Precision Rifle Series and the training that ensures when seconds matter, that we make that one shot count. 

When Evil Comes Knocking

If evil should ever knock at your door the decisions that you make in that moment will change your life, forever. Your life is worth fighting for and when people choose violence and want to cause you pain, you are your own first line of defense.

Join me in, When Evil Comes Knocking from Pursue The Wild where I train with US Marine Corps Veteran and retired law enforcement SWAT Operator, Tony Sentmanant of RealWorld Tactical.

Watch as I get broke down in 100 degree Miami Florida heat with a series of physical challenges, hand to hand combat and shooting drills designed to simulate defending your life against a violent human attacker. This is real world training. No mercy.

RMEF Middle Creek Public Access Project

Permanently protecting even the tiniest slivers of elk country pays big dividends. That's exactly the case in south-central Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with a willing seller also an RMEF member to finalize what's called the Middle Creek Project.

Though a mere 28 acres, the transaction improves access to eighty five hundred acres of public land for hunters, anglers and others to access and enjoy. It connects U.S. Forest Service land to the west with Bureau of Land Management land to the east.

The property sits at eighty six hundred feet elevation at the northern end of the San luis Valley and features what you would expect to find in Colorado's high country, prime wildlife habitat in the form of open grasslands, riparian meadows, aspen groves and mixed conifer stands that lead to peaks higher than 11,000 ft on adjacent public land.

It is here you will find elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, trout and other bird and animal life. Opening and improving public access lies at the heart of RMEF's conservation mission.

Increase Downrange Accuracy with NPA

As marksmen and hunters, we want our bullet or arrow to impact downrange with precision on our intended target. Employing natural point of aim (NPA) will help increase downrange accuracy and eliminate muscular tension and fatigue.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus explains how to test if your sight picture has NPA on the intended target. Combined with the fundamentals of marksmanship; sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger control & follow through form the foundation of precision marksmanship. With a little practice at the range, employing NPA will become second nature and create more successful first round downrange impacts.

The Journey To The Precision Rifle Series

When it comes to competitive shooting sports, those that are on top of the game have spent years training, dry firing and sending countless rounds down range. In the Precision Rifle Series, the rifle and system become an extension of the shooter. The bullet will go exactly where the shooter puts it- that is when they take into account the wind and less than ideal shooting positions. Being able to make impacts downrange at any distance, in any wind or weather condition and in any shooting position is what separates the good marksmen from great marksmen.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, join Kristy in her journey into the world of Precision Rifle Series competition and meet two of the instructors that have helped her along the way, Jake Vibbert of JC Steel Targets and Tyler Hughes of Max Ordinate Training Academy. She is joined by her long time friends, Melinda Sonju and Rei Hoang at the range for some training.

Be sure to check out Jake's instructional videos online and/or purchase high quality steel.

Honoring The Hunted

Why doesn't society recognize the good we do?

Non-hunters find it difficult to believe that we care about wildlife in any emotional sense.

If we wish to convince the general public that we care for something more and pursue something greater than the animals death, we must emphasize the experience and the living animal most.

We care for animals in a fundamental way.

Yes we may take the life. And thereby take possession of one wild creature during our hunt. But that does not mean that we do not admire them in life, and wish to see their future secured. Even if that future does not include hunting. Let's diminish the focus on our achievements and on us. Let's start honoring what truly matters.

The following is an Elk Network Original by The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Development of Unconscious Competence with Kristy Titus

"Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That's why we train so hard." - From a Navy Seal

The development of unconscious competence, or the ability to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship in any situation and any shooting position takes time and training. Training for less than ideal conditions at home in a controlled environment will directly translate into increased downrange accuracy- especially under pressure.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares some general tips that will help you become a more proficient marksman and hunter.

Trophy Taker Shrink Fletch with Kristy Titus

When in the backcountry hunters need to be prepared for the unexpected. Arrow vanes commonly get damaged during travel or cut during practice. In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The WIld, Kristy Titus shares how to use Trophy Taker Shrink Fletch to professionally crest and fletch arrows quickly while afield with no special tools.

The Trifecta of Montana

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she hunts Montana looking to fill her general season elk and deer tag. Montana is one of the few states that provide hunters the opportunity to pursue elk and provide a deer tag that is good for either species of deer, mule deer or whitetail. All three species having very different hunt strategies making this the trifecta hunt that is action packed and tons of fun.

Hornady Match Ammunition with Kristy Titus

As precision shooters, we are looking to achieve the highest levels of downrange accuracy at any distance from both our firearm and projectile. But, the most important aspect of downrange performance goes beyond just the caliber of our rifle and lies on selecting the proper bullet. Bullets make the ammo and they are THE crucial component.

There are dozens of bullets on the market that claim to deliver the upmost in performance. Match grade performance. But what does that really mean and how do we quantify bullet performance?

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus explains why she chooses Hornady Ammunition and important considerations when selecting a bullet- ballistic coefficient (BC), bullet weight, barrel twist rate, velocity and more. Let selecting a bullet be the easiest thing you do to extract the maximum amount of repeatable accuracy from your precision rifle.

Discover the Kifaru Lost Park Parka with Kristy Titus


When it comes to western big game hunting, transitioning between active hiking to setting up and glassing means that we need to be prepared with clothing layering systems in mind. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus heads to the Kifaru International Factory to meet with Frank Peralta to discuss key design features that go into the Lost Park Parka and of course why it has become Kristy's go to jacket.

Durable, water-repellent and warm, yet extremely light weight make this jacket perfect for extreme conditions. Climashield APEX insulation which is treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish keeps it from absorbing water. The insulation is sewn into a tough inner lining to create one consistent layer of warmth with no cold spots. Reinforced Cordura protects your forearms and elbows from additional wear.


The Lost Park Parka is also available now in a full-zip version.

Click here to shop:

The Journey on the Clearwater River with Kristy Titus

Catch and keep season is here on the Clearwater River in Idaho for hatchery raised and released Steelhead. Anglers drift these world famous waters with the hopes of setting hook into some of the largest B-run steelhead to be found. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus and her cousin Brice Vineyard and family experience the thrill of catching these beautiful fish that tell that tale of conservation at work.

Out Of The Cage with Gladiators Unleashed

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus hits the gym to train with her friend, professional fighter, MMA coach and host of Gladiators Unleashed, Luke Caudillo. The connection between fitness, being a competitive athlete and hunter are one in the same. The level of physical fitness required to hit the backcountry day after day under heavy load, the mental fatigue, and level of determination that it takes to be successful on the mountain.

Hunters are the original athletes. But not everyone was raised being in the outdoors. Often, it takes someone like a coach or mentor to introduce them and show them our incredible outdoor lifestyle. Luke is taking professional MMA fighters out of the cage and introducing them to hunting and shooting sports.

Be sure to subscribe to Luke's digital series, Gladiators Unleashed and follow along on the journey of MMA fighter to hunter.

Burning Down The Long Range Course At FTW Ranch in Texas

To be the best we can be as precision shooters, we have to train for the unknown. Training at varying distances with time constraints, round counts, wind and even a little friendly competition helps us to maximize our potential. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus heads to Texas Hill Country to train at the FTW Ranch SAAM Precision Training Course (Sportsman's All Weather, All Terrain Marksmanship) with instructor, USMC, Walt Hasser and part of the Ruger Engineering Team.

Why Every Rifle Should Have A Bipod

Shots afield are rarely taken from the prone and a bipod will help to stabilize hasty resting positions. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares with you why she always has a bipod on the forend of her rifle while at the range and afield.