Tips For Correctly Fitting Your Rifle

A properly fitted rifle is sure to make any day at the range or afield more fun and successful by allowing the shooter to deliver well-placed shots. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, join Kristy Titus as she discusses correctly fitting your personal rifle from length of pull, cheek comb height and optic eye relief. Also, showcasing a few of her favorite Ruger rifle platforms that come out of the box with adjustability.

Kifaru Slick Bag

Warm, roomy, a big foot box, and the ability to pack down to nothing. Less weight and bulk. The industry leading Kifaru Slick Bag has the best warmth to weight ratio on the market, combined with Rhino Skin fabric to produce a bag that is extremely compact when stored, yet lofts up to deliver lifesaving warmth.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, join Kristy Titus and Frank Peralta of Kifaru International to break down how slick the Kifaru Slick Bag really is.

Titus In The Rockies- An RMEF Team Elk Original

Rifle elk hunting in the Colorado Rockies can hold some of the same thrills found in the peak of the rut from screaming bulls to close encounters. Stay tuned for this action packed elk hunt with Kristy Titus and Marty Pachelli. Originally airing on RMEF's Team Elk Television Show.

Frontier Ammo For The Modern Sporting Rifle

The modern sporting rifle is extremely versatile. It has light recoil and superior adjustability making it an ideal choice for anyone that wants to plink, target shoot, hunt, for law enforcement training and self-defense.

In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus showcases the American made, Hornady Frontier Cartridge.

Precision Rifle Channel Podcast with Travis Ishida

On today’s special episode of Precision Rifle Channel Podcast, Travis invites “Pursue The Wild” host, Kristy Titus, to the podcast!


Here are just a few things listed on Kristy’s extensive resume: She’s part of the NRA Board of Directors, is a successful shooting instructor and hunter, stars in her own digital series ‘Pursue The Wild’, and serves as a brand ambassador for many companies like Ruger, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Nightforce Optics, and many more!

Learn more about Kristy, her shooting career, her advice for female shooters in the sport, and more on the PRC Podcast!


0:25 – Kristy’s extensive resume with hunting, shooting sports, and the NRA.

4:08 – How Kristy got into shooting sports and hunting

11:04 – What rifle Kristy is running this year

13:25 –Kristy’s hunting setup VS. her competition set up

15:51 – How many matches Kristy has competed in this year so far

19:10 – Advice to females interested in precision rifle shooting

20:13 – Kristy’s goals going into each match

24:30 – The expenses of paying for gear in precision rifle shooting

26:52 – Any crossovers between precision rifle shooting and hunting?

29:30 – Kristy’s thoughts on Long Range Hunting

32:14 – Pursue the Wild episode with USMC Kirstie Ennis

38:14 – The growth of the sport next year

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Moments- Missouri Whitetail

As the leaves change in the Midwest and bold colors of fall paint the forest, we know it's coming. Anticipation fills our soul. Soon the search will begin. And we will be there as hunters…waiting for moments.

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she hunts the peak of the Whitetail rut in Missouri waiting for that perfect moment on a mature buck.

Ramcat Diamondback- Field Point Accuracy

When preparing for a hunt, archers are always looking for accuracy in their broadhead. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, join Kristy Titus as she demonstrates the accuracy of the Ramcat diamondback. From field tip to broadhead there is no impact shift.

Diamondback is the first fixed blade broadhead to truly fly like a field tip. She even strips the broadhead down from three down to no blades to demonstrate the aerodynamics from the concave scoop ferrel design.

General Elk Hunting Tips

Calling and being a successful archery elk hunter is simply time on the mountain learning to judge elk behavior, what they are telling you with their vocalizations, and putting all of that information together to create the best strategy that you can with the information that you know at the time.

In the latest episode of Tips from the Wild as part of the Pursue The Wild series, Kristy Titus shares a few general tips that will help increase your success this archery elk season.

- Tell a story with your vocalizations

- When to bugle and when to be quiet

- Dealing with non-shooters

- Calming a barking elk

- Use of scents while on the hunt

- Use of decoys

- Trust your camo

Peak Rut Elk Hunting Strategies

The haunting sound of an aggressive bull bugling echoes across canyons, penetrates into your soul, changing life as you know it; forever. Year after year, answering the call, elk hunters head deep into the mountains in the pursuit of bugling bull elk.

Having hunted elk on public land for most of her life, Kristy Titus has made a lot of mistakes, costing her numerous shot opportunities and she’s had a lot of success as well. Every year, the mountain and the elk teach hunters something new keeping them humble in their pursuit.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares a few hard learned lessons that she has encountered over the years as well as some great tips that will help you become more successful at hunting elk.

 Peak rut hunting strategies

 Learning to slow down

 Partnering up

 The hang up

 When to bugle and when to be quiet

How To Hunt Elk In The Early Season

Many hunters often wait for peak rut to start hunting elk. But there is a tremendous advantage to be had using summer pattern to locate bulls that are in bachelor herds or solo.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares some of her top tips and strategies that she has learned while afield pursuing elk solo on public land and with family, friends and some of the most accomplished elk hunters in the country.

In the episode, Titus discusses creating the frenzy to call in a pre-rut bull elk, team strategies, solo hunting strategies, and more.

Also, be sure to check out the new Pursue The Wild line of elk calls, The Wild Frenzy bugle tube, The Wild Fury diaphragm and the Ignite-Her-Wild external reed cow call here

Max Point Blank for Archers

When it comes to archery hunting, often times our chance at a big game animal happens quickly. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus talks about familiarizing ourselves with our equipment and identifying our individual max point blank. When the shot of a lifetime presents itself, be ready.

Pursue The Wild Elk Call Series

The Pursue The Wild elk call series by Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls features Kristy Titus's signature series of elk calls. Proven performance afield.

The Wild Frenzy Bugle Tube featuring Volume Enhanced Tone Technology (V.E.T.T.) as well as our tried and true Tone Selector. With the V.E.T.T. system the bugle tube creates true, easy to obtain bull elk sounds. The Tone Selector on the end of the bugle tube allows you to change the amount of volume projected and control the back pressure on your diaphragm. These two specialized features help you obtain the most realistic bugles possible.

The Wild Fury Diaphragm features the new plastic palate plate top that is designed with a slightly narrower frame for youth, women and men with a narrow palate area. This call is very responsive for nasal soft mews and chirps of cows and calves. Also, a great call for a full range of bull elk bugling sounds.

The Ignite-Her-Wild Cow call an open reed call for cow/calf call for making mews, chirps and estrous tones. The series of calls provide hunters the opportunity to create realistic bull and cow sounds.

Shop the series at under the Shop tab.

How To Master Elk Bugles with Kristy Titus- Elk Call Tips

As elk hunters, we all love the sound of a bull elk bugling. In this episode, Kristy Titus and Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls give some great tips on mastering your bugles.

These elk calling tips also demonstrate one note, two note, three note, display and challenge bugles.

How To Make Cow Elk Sounds with Kristy Titus- Elk Call Tips

As an elk hunter, cow sounds are one of the most important sounds that you can make when trying to call in a rutting bull elk.

Join Kristy Titus and Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls as they demonstrate a variety of cow mews, chirps, estrous mews, calf mews, and calf chirps. Plus, a few other great elk calling tips behind making your elk sounds extremely realistic.

Ramcat Designed To Endure

The hard hitting, deep penetrating diamondback is designed to endure a never ending passion. Making this diamond a hunters best friend. As Ramcat’s leading fixed blade broadhead crafted to meet the demand for traditional reliability without compromising performance or technology.

Meet your match…Diamondback- hits like a ram- cuts like a cat.

Use code PTW30CAT at checkout on the Ramcat Website for 30% off. 

Ignite-Her-Wild Cow Call

This Open Reed Elk Call is Designed by Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Kristy Titus. This newly designed mylar reed and wood barrel produces the nasally, three dimensional sounds the bulls respond to during the rut. Ignite-Her-Wild has the exact “sweet” sexy tonal quality the bulls want to hear during the rut!

Easy to blow and sensitive. Simply use your top lip on the reed and blow air across the reed. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches. Cow mews start with a high pitch and taper smoothly to a lower pitch. Mews should be about 1 second in length. Chirps are shorter and higher pitched, lasting less than a second. Estrus mews are pleading and drawn out 1½ seconds or longer.

Practice on the call and listen to real elk sounds online since they are the best teachers of all!

Tips For Selecting Hunting Ammunition

One of the most important considerations that hunters need to make prior to any hunt is selecting ammunition that is going to deliver terminal performance at all practical distances for the game we are pursuing. With there being many types of bullets on the market, hunters need to pay attention to how a bullet is constructed and select the bullet that is designed for the game that they are pursuing.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, join Kristy Titus as she discusses some considerations to make prior to purchasing ammunition for your next big game hunt and why Hornady Precision Hunter is the most technologically advanced hunting ammunition on the market today.

Worth The Wait- Idaho Black Bear

Our public lands are a tremendous resource. They provide an opportunity to get out and enjoy wild places with friends. Rich with diverse wildlife populations, Idaho is a great state for the do it yourself western big game hunter to head afield in pursuit of spring black bears.

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild for a two year journey that ultimately led her to punching her tag on a beautiful bruin.