How To Select An Elk Bugle Tube

There are a lot of elk bugle tubes on the market to choose from and they are all different. Join Kristy Titus and Rockie Jacobsen, founder of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls as they discuss things to consider before you buy a bugle tube that will get you calling elk in no time. 

Wild Fury Elk Call

The Wild Fury Elk Call was designed by Rockie Jacobsen and Kristy Titus with the new “PPP” series top that is designed with a slightly narrower frame for youth, women and men with a narrow palate plate area.

This call is very responsive for nasal soft mews and chirps of cows and calves. Also, a great call for a full range of bull elk bugling sounds.

This call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth, behind your upper front teeth; this helps to prevent gagging and gives your easier control of the latex.

To operate the call, place the Plastic Palate Plate “PPP” upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.

How To Select An Elk Diaphragm

There is a lot that goes into calling elk and being effective at calling in elk. Join Kristy Titus and Rockie Jacobsen, founder of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and the inventor of the palate plate diaphragm call as they discuss tips on how to select the right diaphragm elk call for you.

Sizing Up Meal Replacements

There are lots of meal replacement options on the market today, and we want to select one that not only tastes good but that also lives up to the promises made on the label. The last thing we want to do is spend money on a product that doesn’t perform or that tastes so bad that we don’t want to eat it. Which is why Wilderness Athlete Performance Products are so great. They taste amazing and contain what is promised on the label.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus explains a few things that you want to look for or consider when you purchase a meal replacement.

When Evil Comes Knocking

If evil should ever knock at your door the decisions that you make in that moment will change your life, forever. Your life is worth fighting for and when people choose violence and want to cause you pain, you are your own first line of defense.

Join me in, When Evil Comes Knocking from Pursue The Wild where I train with US Marine Corps Veteran and retired law enforcement SWAT Operator, Tony Sentmanant of RealWorld Tactical.

Watch as I get broke down in 100 degree Miami Florida heat with a series of physical challenges, hand to hand combat and shooting drills designed to simulate defending your life against a violent human attacker. This is real world training. No mercy.

Trophy Taker Equipment That Works

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild for a journey back in time to the foundation of the principals that our hunting heritage is based upon.The hard work that we put into our hunts hinge our success upon quality crafted gear that is robust and reliable. Trust in equipment that works as hard as you do, backed with a lifetime unconditional warranty, Trophy Taker has always been there.


Deep Sea Adventures At Depoe Bay

Depoe Bay in Oregon is carved out of rocky lava beds that stretch down to beautiful sandy beaches. As the smallest navigable harbor in the World, it is famous for gray whale watching and sport fishing and it is the perfect place for small vessels to cast out into the Pacific Ocean in search of adventure.

Join me and my 82 year old grandpa Bill and uncle David as we set out to enjoy some reel fun catching ling cod, black sea bass and cabezon off the Oregon coast.

Increase Downrange Accuracy with NPA

As marksmen and hunters, we want our bullet or arrow to impact downrange with precision on our intended target. Employing natural point of aim (NPA) will help increase downrange accuracy and eliminate muscular tension and fatigue.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus explains how to test if your sight picture has NPA on the intended target. Combined with the fundamentals of marksmanship; sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger control & follow through form the foundation of precision marksmanship. With a little practice at the range, employing NPA will become second nature and create more successful first round downrange impacts.

Where Traditions Begin- Through The Eyes Of A Child

Where Traditions Begin-Through The Eyes Of A Child

Presented By The National Wild Turkey Federation

There is an inborn wonder seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It takes us to a place where the extraordinary is found and we see the magic of wild places. Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she teams up with The National Wild Turkey Federation and Huntin' Wives to bring 12 year old Gold Star Kid, Joee to Oregon for her first turkey hunt.

This is where traditions begin. Conserve. Hunt. Provide. Together, we will save the habitat and save the hunt.

Ruger Stands Up For Law-Abiding Firearms Owners

I am a proud Ruger American. I am honored to serve as a brand ambassador for an American made product with a corporate structure that stands up unflinchingly for the rights of the law abiding citizen and our second amendment.

No Changes to What Ruger Makes and Sells to Law Abiding Citizens, Despite Shareholder Proposal

Please understand that Ruger was obligated by applicable law to include a shareholder’s activist resolution with its proxy materials for a shareholder vote. With its passage, the proposal requires Ruger to prepare a report. That’s it. A report. What the proposal does not do . . . and cannot do . . . is force us to change our business, which is lawful and constitutionally protected. What it does not do . . . and cannot do . . . is force us to adopt misguided principles created by groups who do not own guns, know nothing about our business, and frankly would rather see us out of business.

As Ruger CEO explained, “we are Americans who work together to produce rugged, reliable, innovative and affordable firearms for responsible citizens. We are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment not because we make firearms, but because we cherish the rights conferred by it. We understand the importance of those rights and, as importantly, recognize that allowing our constitutionally protected freedoms to be eroded for the sake of political expediency is the wrong approach for our Company, for our industry, for our customers, and for our country. We are arms makers for responsible citizens and I want to assure our long-term shareholders and loyal customers that we have no intention of changing that.”

Please watch the brand video below that shows who Ruger is and who we will continue to be.

NWTF Crooked River National Grasslands Habitat Restoration

Thanks to conservation work, spearheaded by hunters, the western states host abundant populations of wild turkeys. We all know that growing wildlife populations require quality habitat to sustain populations. The National Wild Turkey Federation and it's members are dedicated to ensuring that all wildlife have the necessary habitat to flourish on or public lands.

Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild where she showcases how NWTF and it's members are working hard to restore the Crooked River National Grasslands Habitat in Oregon. To learn more about the National Wild Turkey Federation go to

The Journey To The Precision Rifle Series

When it comes to competitive shooting sports, those that are on top of the game have spent years training, dry firing and sending countless rounds down range. In the Precision Rifle Series, the rifle and system become an extension of the shooter. The bullet will go exactly where the shooter puts it- that is when they take into account the wind and less than ideal shooting positions. Being able to make impacts downrange at any distance, in any wind or weather condition and in any shooting position is what separates the good marksmen from great marksmen.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, join Kristy in her journey into the world of Precision Rifle Series competition and meet two of the instructors that have helped her along the way, Jake Vibbert of JC Steel Targets and Tyler Hughes of Max Ordinate Training Academy. She is joined by her long time friends, Melinda Sonju and Rei Hoang at the range for some training.

Be sure to check out Jake's instructional videos online and/or purchase high quality steel.

Honoring The Hunted

Why doesn't society recognize the good we do?

Non-hunters find it difficult to believe that we care about wildlife in any emotional sense.

If we wish to convince the general public that we care for something more and pursue something greater than the animals death, we must emphasize the experience and the living animal most.

We care for animals in a fundamental way.

Yes we may take the life. And thereby take possession of one wild creature during our hunt. But that does not mean that we do not admire them in life, and wish to see their future secured. Even if that future does not include hunting. Let's diminish the focus on our achievements and on us. Let's start honoring what truly matters.

The following is an Elk Network Original by The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Development of Unconscious Competence with Kristy Titus

"Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That's why we train so hard." - From a Navy Seal

The development of unconscious competence, or the ability to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship in any situation and any shooting position takes time and training. Training for less than ideal conditions at home in a controlled environment will directly translate into increased downrange accuracy- especially under pressure.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares some general tips that will help you become a more proficient marksman and hunter.

Coconut Crusted Wild Turkey

The National Wild Turkey Federation is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and our hunting heritage. This recipe will have your entire family strutting to the dinner table to enjoy the wild harvest. A hint of sweetness and bold flavors from parmesan cheese makes this recipe for baked coconut wild turkey a healthy yet delicious recipe that everyone will rave about.

The recipe can be found in the Wilderness Athlete Wild Kitchen Cookbook Volume 1.

Prep Time: 5

Minutes Cook Time: 25 Minutes

Serves 4


1 LB Wild Turkey Breast

1/4 Cup Coconut Flour

2 TBSP Parmesan Cheese

1/4 TSP Salt

1/2 TSP Black Pepper

1/2 TSP Cumin

1/2 TSP Garlic Powder

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

In a shallow bowl, mix together everything except for the turkey and the oil. Dip the turkey into the oil, and then into the dry mixture, coating evenly. Place a baking rack into a shallow pan so the turkey can cook on both sides better. Set the turkey on the rack and bake for 11 minutes. Flip the turkey over and bake an additional 11 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Trophy Taker Shrink Fletch with Kristy Titus

When in the backcountry hunters need to be prepared for the unexpected. Arrow vanes commonly get damaged during travel or cut during practice. In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The WIld, Kristy Titus shares how to use Trophy Taker Shrink Fletch to professionally crest and fletch arrows quickly while afield with no special tools.