Wild Sheep Foundation Convention Seminar "Making The Shot Of A Lifetime”

Kristy Titus, NRA Certified Instructor, hosted a positional shooting seminar at the The Wild Sheep Foundation National Convention Making the Shot of a Lifetime along with Sean Murphy, Director of Commercial Training at Nightforce Optics. 

Titus and Murphy's seminar, Making the Shot of a Lifetime, discussed positional shots in hunting scenarios. “Positional shooting is a skill that is often overlooked by most hunters, and has surely contributed to many passed shots on trophies that otherwise could have been easily made with a little bit of training,” said Titus.  “Sean and I took attendees through the basics of how to gain stability from almost any position you could come across while afield.” 

We discussed how to build a solid shooting position from the ground up, fundamentals of marksmanship to include natural point of aim. Other topics covered, selecting a natural object for a support, how to properly use shooting sticks and tripods and more.