NEW OB Trax Cam by Obsession Bows

Obsession doesn’t just build bows to be different. They build them to be better. Built to take adventure to the next level. Obsession’s new OB Trax cam system carries the same smooth draw characteristics that you love from Obsession bows.

For shooters like me that have a shorter draw length or lighter draw poundage, The OB Trax cam delivers speeds that we have never before reached. The OB Trax cam delivers an industry leading, 90% let off. Allowing archers to wait for that perfect shot opportunity. Longer hold times allow you to intensify your focus for terminal shot placement. Spend more time afield with ability to make minor adjustments without the need of a bow press.

Practice makes perfect. Trusting in equipment makes all the difference. Built for adventure, built to Pursue The Wild.