Team VTAC Podcast with Kyle Lamb

It’s my honor to be part of the latest Viking Tactics Inc. podcast alongside Neil Davies from Hornady, and Professional Shooter and Ruger Shooting Team Captain, Doug Koenig. Click the link below to listen. We talk Precision Shooting, scope & bullet choices,and the 300 PRC being adopted by the Special Operations Forces in America. We might even talk a little bit about the 6.5 Creedmoor.

A little backstory, when this photo was taken of me and Kyle, I had totally pulled a “fan girl” move when I walked up to him, introducing myself letting him know that I really enjoyed his books. He looked at me and was like “girl you’ve got the wrong guy.” I was persistent and said, “no, I loved your books, Green Eyes Black Rifles and Leadership In The Shadows.” Well the rest is history and we are now friends. It’s an incredible world that we live in where I got to sit down with one of my idols to be part of his podcast with the best Ammo manufactures in the world and the best pistol shooter in the world. For that, God Bless America. And, it goes to show- never stop learning and always keep moving forward! Thank you Kyle for the friendship. I do hope you all enjoy the podcast!