Nightforce 2019 Catalog

There is no greater feeling than being part of a team that manufactures the best optics in the industry. But to also be part of a team that 110% stands behind you is incredible. When this photo was taken, I had carried a 60# pack for nearly a week and at this point had 3 hours sleep the night before and currently awake for 20 hours. I didn’t feel tired. I was born for this. And, Nightforce Optics is the pinnacle in quality optics for people that are like me that live on grit and determination all be it military, law-enforcement, hunters or precision shooters. If you are one of us, you know immediately the heart that goes into this moment. And to have this represent the cover and inside the pages of the 2019 catalog is my absolute honor.

IMG_3119 (Edited).PNG
IMG_3123 (Edited).PNG