Peak Rut Elk Hunting Strategies

The haunting sound of an aggressive bull bugling echoes across canyons, penetrates into your soul, changing life as you know it; forever. Year after year, answering the call, elk hunters head deep into the mountains in the pursuit of bugling bull elk.

Having hunted elk on public land for most of her life, Kristy Titus has made a lot of mistakes, costing her numerous shot opportunities and she’s had a lot of success as well. Every year, the mountain and the elk teach hunters something new keeping them humble in their pursuit.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus shares a few hard learned lessons that she has encountered over the years as well as some great tips that will help you become more successful at hunting elk.

 Peak rut hunting strategies

 Learning to slow down

 Partnering up

 The hang up

 When to bugle and when to be quiet