Ignite-Her-Wild Cow Call

This Open Reed Elk Call is Designed by Rockie Jacobsen of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Kristy Titus. This newly designed mylar reed and wood barrel produces the nasally, three dimensional sounds the bulls respond to during the rut. Ignite-Her-Wild has the exact “sweet” sexy tonal quality the bulls want to hear during the rut!

Easy to blow and sensitive. Simply use your top lip on the reed and blow air across the reed. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches. Cow mews start with a high pitch and taper smoothly to a lower pitch. Mews should be about 1 second in length. Chirps are shorter and higher pitched, lasting less than a second. Estrus mews are pleading and drawn out 1½ seconds or longer.

Practice on the call and listen to real elk sounds online since they are the best teachers of all!