The Journey To The Precision Rifle Series

When it comes to competitive shooting sports, those that are on top of the game have spent years training, dry firing and sending countless rounds down range. In the Precision Rifle Series, the rifle and system become an extension of the shooter. The bullet will go exactly where the shooter puts it- that is when they take into account the wind and less than ideal shooting positions. Being able to make impacts downrange at any distance, in any wind or weather condition and in any shooting position is what separates the good marksmen from great marksmen.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, join Kristy in her journey into the world of Precision Rifle Series competition and meet two of the instructors that have helped her along the way, Jake Vibbert of JC Steel Targets and Tyler Hughes of Max Ordinate Training Academy. She is joined by her long time friends, Melinda Sonju and Rei Hoang at the range for some training.

Be sure to check out Jake's instructional videos online and/or purchase high quality steel.