Train For The Wild with Kristy Titus

Only when your goals are greater than your excuses you are successful. Kristy Titus is 8 days post-op for a PCL ligament reconstruction in her knee. She has less than 10% use of her right leg. She can't walk without crutches, she can't bend her leg, she can't drive, and she has been bed ridden for over a week BUT there are a lot of things that she can do! Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. She is blessed that her awesome trainer JT Taylor of The Dojo Conditioning Studio is helping her find ways to get in a great workout without having to stand or use her leg. We all have challenges that we face in life. Some temporary like hers. Some permanent. Regardless there is so much life to be lived sometimes it just looks different than you expected. Kristy chooses to live her life without limits. I can't does not exist in Kristy's world. If you want something you make it happen. Period. Kristy is giving 110% every single day to life because that's just how she rolls.