Falkor Defense & Max Ordinate Academy

Train Insane or Remain The Same

When it comes to firearms training, I take my instructor and firearm both very seriously which is why it was a no brainer teaming up with Falkor Defense and Max Ordinate Academy. First let me introduce you to Falkor Defense- this is a woman owned/operated company by the lovely Mel Sonju and of course her husband Jason. Folks, please don't take this wrong- but Mel is the boss lady. That alone scored huge points with me from the get go, but it gets better. 

Mel is an avid hunter. By avid, I mean she has nearly all of the North American big game species to her credit. Grizzly bear, mountain lion, woods bison, caribou, elk, black bear, mule deer, the list goes on and on. Mel is strong of mind and heart- just my kind of gal operating a company the has the same values. 

Falkor is using the finest in aerospace methodologies to produce weapon platforms that are not only precisely manufactured but also, you got it, made in America. Whitefish Montana to be exact. Their technology is absolutely uncompromising in quality, from design, manufacturing, finish to assembly. 

Their current rifle line up consists of The Petra 300 Win Mag AR10, Breacher .308 AR10, Alpha .308 AR10, Caitlyn AR15, Recce .223 and the Blitz AR15. For the sake of training, I have but a one time experience where I tackled driving a bolt action 300 Win Mag and let's just say that at the end of the day, I felt like a donkey had kicked me in the face from the concussion shock from my muzzle break. When Mel asked me to drive the Falkor Petra 300 Win Mag, I was a little more than apprehensive. 

Let me tell you about my new friend the Petra- 300 Win Mag- she has a sleek 20" Proof Research carbon fiber barrel and helps the Petra deliver sub .5 MOA accuracy with zero kick. That's right, accurate, repeatable, no jams and no kick. Got to love all that all the way to the range.

Loaded up with our lovely Petras, Mel and I head to the range with our own personal range crew, Jason Sonju and THE Clint Walker.

At the range we met up with Tyler H and his lovely finance' Rei for two days of ladies only training. Before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce you to the Max Ordinate Academy- Tyler H is a 10 year combat veteran of the United States Marine Corp serving in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with a current total of 5 tours. 

Tyler served most notably as Scout Sniper Team Leader, Scout Sniper Platoon Sergeant. Some of his training includes but not limited to Reconnaissance, Close Quarters Battle Security Instructor, Scout Sniper Basic with Honors, Scout Sniper Team Leader Top Shooter Award, Urban Sniper, Mountain Sniper, and Advanced Sniper. He is one of the very few that have completed ALL Scout Sniper Courses and Schools. 

Okay, so now you see- Mel, Rei and I are about to train insane with our Falkor rifles. Let me also give you a brief background on the awesome Rei- she s engaged to, travels with and trains with Tyler. She can shoot. To her credit, she was a shooter a great shooter and avid ammunition reloading expert, all prior to meeting Tyler.

Mel, Rei and myself were in for an epic two days of ringing steel and training with some of the finest rifles in the world with one of the finest instructors in the world. Because Mel, Rei and I were all on the same page in regards to training, we were fortunate to only spend a couple hours in the classroom setting going over long range precision rifle fundamental concepts as a refresher to going hot. 

We don't live in a world that caters to prone shooting, especially the Max Ordinate Mountain Precision course, so as soon as our rifles were confirmed zero, we went to work. This was my first time driving a rifle topped with the NEW Swarovski Optik X5 3,5-15x50(i). The ladies were shooting in MILS and I was shooting in MOA which afforded all of us an excellent opportunity to practice calling wind in both units of measure. 

Out comes the tripods which were all topped with one of my favorite pieces of shooting equipment, the Hog Saddle for a little positional shooting practice prior to a timed shooting drill- all at the 100 yard line. 

Drill 1-

2 minutes limit to complete

Start from behind the building- rifle loaded, tripod in hand.

Move to the firing line, build shooting position, either standing or kneeling tripod and engage the 100 yard line deer vital image. 

5 rounds for accuracy and speed. 

Drill 2-

Working in 2 Spotters/1 Shooter Teams

Engage course of steel out to 1000 yards for time/accuracy. 

Day 2

Drills were over. It was time to get serious. We are talking mountain training- angles, big wind, cliffs and long distances. We packed up ALL of our needed gear and hit the mountains on foot. After all if you are a mountain hunter, you need to be not only fundamentally trained to make tough shots but also physically trained to endure. 

Throughout the day, we hiked up the mountain engaging a varying course of steel along the way working in shooter/spotter pairs. Clint and Ty even got in a bit of timed training for an upcoming competition. We finalized the course of fire sitting atop a mountain, darn near dangling off a rock cliff engaging an 8" steel target at 1060 yards from the sitting tripod position. It was here that I made of the most accurate shots of my shooting career making a second round hit on the gong in 4MOA of wind. I can only attribute my success to a solid wind call from Tyler following my first attempt. 

Throughout the two days and nearly 200 rounds, my experience with the Petra was impressive with sub .5MOA groups consistently, not a single jam or malfunction and no recoil sensitivity or soreness. My Swarovski Optik X5 scope tracked with my data delivering the bullet exactly where I wanted it. 

If you are looking for a super fine AR platform rifle, I strongly encourage you to take a look at Falkor Defense and if you are looking for civilian firearms training, look up Tyler at Max Ordinate Academy.  As for Mel & Rei, I have myself two new awesome girlfriends that can actually shoot and are beautiful both inside and out. Stay tuned, this won't be the last time the three of us get together to burn it down at the range.