A/Z Outfitters BC Snow Bear

A/Z Outfitters Success


Growing up on the back of a mule, packing into the backcountry, I know firsthand how much work goes into preparing for a 9 day trip into the backcountry. Throwing all of your gear for the trip into a pile like an intricate puzzle, Fred Canning our skillful guide and myself, his right hand man and assistant guide, carefully pieced everything together into perfectly weighed out packs that get loaded and balanced onto one of the good pack horses or mule.

With the rain relentlessly driving down, we saddled up and headed out to glass a few nearby slides for black bears with the hopes that the dark skies would return to blue and the bears would begin to move about. The drum of the rain on the hood of my jacket was a never ending tune that played all day long for the next 8 days. Spending time glassing, trying to stay dry under the limited cover of trees. Unfortunately for Jay, our hunter, we did not find a big mature grizzly bear that we were looking for. I am quite certain that the weather had a lot to do with that, however, we were all thankful that at the end of the trail success was met with the harvest of this beautiful black bear.