We The People...

With the upcoming 2016 elections on the forefront of every American mind, I can’t help but beg the question; What makes America great?

This past month, I did a tremendous amount of reflection on this question specifically. The answer that I came to:

We the people make America great.

We the people have always made America great. Those that were willing to take a risk, make a sacrifice and take responsibility for their individual future ultimately reaped the reward of freedom.  We the people residing within the USA are free to pursue our hopes and dreams, practice religious freedom, speech and the right to keep and bear arms amongst other freedoms.

That landscape has changed tremendously in time and as a society, we are losing more freedom every day. Our culture is morphing into a state of complacency and entitlement. Sustaining our freedom and our way of life must start with each and every one of us as individuals.

A life dedicated and lived serving others, serving the greater good, the big picture, rather than what the individual wants is a life that creates legacy and change.

Think about this…

We are Americans, we are free to pursue our dreams, the only thing stopping each and every one of us from reaching our goals and living our dreams, simply put, is the limitations that we place upon ourselves.

What if someone took the time to show us that we do not have to live within our self-imposed limitations? What if someone took the time to demonstrate to us that we can conceive a goal, believe that it can happen and with effort, energy and a will to persevere, we can turn those dreams into a reality?

What if that someone is you? What if today, you gave someone hope, inspiration, encouragement and the educational tools to help them actualize success?

What if each and every one of us took responsibility for our own success and stopped blaming someone else for things not working out our way? I truly believe that weather you think you can do something or conversely, think you can’t, you are right.

In order to ensure the future of our time honored hunting traditions and shooting sports while leading the way in conservation of our greatest asset, our freedom, we must each stand up as leaders. First within our own families and then within our own communities, demonstrating to our fellow countrymen that are trying to strip our rights away from us, that we will not be shaken, that we stand united and we will uphold the constitution of the United States of America. That we the people are capable of not only surviving in this world, but thriving as self-sufficient citizens.

Take the time to mentor someone. Introduce them to shooting sports, take them afield and teach them how and why hunting is conservation. Empower them with knowledge and mental fortitude that they can live out their hopes and dreams. If we each take the time to inspire one person and they do the same and so on and so forth, the ripple effect will be felt by the world.

Let the world hear us as conservationists, sportsmen and patriots of this great nation. We will not be shaken, we are the greatest nation on earth and we will not continue to accept the path that we are currently heading. We as hunters have created the greatest conservation movement the world has ever seen, benefitting all wildlife and their habitat. We as gun owners have kept the safest communities and we the people will stand up to protect this beautiful way of life that makes America so great…