Western Hunter Magazine- Summer 2015

In the Summer 2015 Issue of Western Hunter Magazine, I write about finding balance to fuel your body for optimal performance. Below is a pre-view of her article, but also found below is a pre-view of an article authored by a good friend of mine, Rick Carone of Sheep Shape TV. 

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Feed The Machine

As With Life, Balance Is Key

Fueling our body for optimal performance is sometimes easier said than done. Bottom line, in order for us to grow muscle while losing body fat, we have to eat properly. The difference between achieving our health fitness goals and falling short can be as simple as the prey we seek on our hunts; clean, lean, complete protein.

Optimal protein intake is going to vary from person to person based on a myriad of variables such as age, lean body mass, activity level, etc. Ideally, you consume enough protein to repair and rebuild tissue. The National Research Council RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for maintenance under normal conditions has been established that adults should consume .8 grams of complete protein for every kg. of body weight per day. The general guideline that I use is 1 - 1.5 grams of complete protein for each pound of body weight per day. 

Mom & Dad's Ram

By Rick Carone:

Life has ups and downs; the trick is to seize the moment. We sometimes take for granted the beauty of a sunrise; the echo of Canada geese; or the crunching leaves from a whitetail buck on the frost-lined forest floor. Sometimes we do this because we're in a rush to get to work, attend and event, or even to catch up on our favorite TV show. Sadly, more often than not, it takes a life-changing event to truly open our eyes, ears, heart and soul to what truly matters.

"Upon waking up, I knew something was wrong...My family was crying and I received the news no one want to hear..."

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