Shoot Down Cancer

The fight to shut down cancer never stops as it is a disease that has personally touched nearly every one of our hearts and lives. The #ShootDownCancer 3D archery benefit is supporting the fight to shut down cancer by raising critical funds and awareness for cancer research.

In 2014, the #ShootDownCancer benefit focused on Pancreatic Cancer awareness and research and in the support of Rick Carone following his diagnosis of the disease at the age of 42. With an extensive history in the outdoor industry including 10 years in production for the Buck Commander television show and current featured member of Sheep Shape TV, Rick is a man that has touched the hearts and lives of many throughout the outdoor industry and inspired the nation with his self-proclaimed triple threat of attack on cancer; faith, family and friends.

Last year, nearly 300 people took part in the #ShootDownCancer 3D event and this year, the benefit surpassed those numbers.

This year funds were donated to the Arkansas Ovarian Cancer Society in an effort to raise critical funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Gary & Karen Powell of 12 Ring Archery in Conway Arkansas graciously hosted the #ShootDownCancer event with the support of Bo Dottley and Tim Endsley. The 3D course featured two archery ranges, two novelty shoots and there was also a mini Train To Hunt Challenge course.

Celebrity shooters from the outdoor industry that are supporting the fight to #ShootDownCancer  include the continued support from Rick Carone of Sheep Shape TV, Willi Shmidt of Pure Hunting, Joshua Carney of Son of the South TV, Kristy Titus of RMEF’s Team Elk TV, Rob Schneider of Rattler Grips and Kenton Clarimont of Train to Hunt and Sheep Shape TV.

There were over $20,000 in prizes from the outdoor industries largest companies given out to participants in the shoot.

#ShootDownCancer represents the outdoor industries outpouring of love and support helping to raise awareness and helping the fight to shut down cancer.

Thank you for supporting the fight against cancer, I am already looking forward to participating in the 2016 #ShootDownCancer event.