North American Hunter- Using Will To Find A Way

USMC Daniel Riley teams with Wounded Warrior Outdoors to take on the monster bruins of British Columbia.

“Once outside, you leave your past and worries at the trailhead—instead, focus on the task at hand, weather it is the next hill or looking for a bear.” -USMC Daniel Riley

Living a life with passion is something that Marine Daniel Riley is no stranger to. A now avid outdoorsman, Daniel loves to surf, mountain bike, snow ski, hunt and run. That might sound like a normal 29-year-old young man to many of you, however, Daniel is quite extraordinary.

As a corporal in the USMC, Daniel served as infantryman on two different tours; the first in Iraq and the second in Afghanistan. It was December 16, 2010, and his tour was literally down to its final day His replacement company was set to arrive that afternoon.

“My sweat-stained boots plod along the hard-packed dirt, each step nog different than the millions of others that have circled this tiny corner of a backwater town, in a forgotten province, in a distant land—no different, that is, until the last one …”

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