American Hunter Magazine- Magpul Core

This months issue of the National Rifle Association's American Hunter Magazine features an editorial by Senior Editor Karen Mehall Phillips detailing, in a six page article, the Magpul Core Backcountry Hunters course we took together last summer.

"Every hunter questions his/her limits when tackling the backcountry. But when you're pursuing that trophy of a lifetime, there comes a time when you must believe in yourself and handle what comes your way-because you trained for it."

                               -Karen Mehall Phillips

The 5 day course consists of 2 days on the range and 3 days on the mountain.

 Questions to ponder:

1. Do you know how to get into a safe, stable shooting positions? Do you understand your natural point of aim? Can you compensate for wind speed with your scope turrets to ensure a humane kill?

2. Can you regulate your water, electrolytes and calorie intake on an ultra-physical hunt? Are you prepared for weather changes on the mountain? Do you understand signs of heat stroke & hypothermia? Do you have the proper gear?

3. Say you shot an elk. Scanning the topi map, do you know at what grid it ran into the woods? Can you orient your compass and plot a grid to get there by easiest route-or did you drop 1000 feet only to have to climb up again?

4. In an emergency, can you get out of the woods? Can you report your position? Are you equipped to survive in the cold and rain or worse until help arrives?

If you hesitated answering any of the above or just want to brush up your skills, Magpul Core's Back Country Hunter Course is for you.