Utah Public Land Elk Success

Blessed to put my tag on this stunning public land Utah Mt. Dutton bull. The team at High Top Outfitters could not have been more awesome. Their hard work and determination led me to this success. Thank you to my dad Lewis for traveling with me and sharing this hunt with me. To the hardest working crew of guys I have ever seen~ Jay Simon, Kelly Bingham, Brett Guymon, Chris Blad, Shane Williams, Chris Conner, Shawn Ellis, Marty Ellis, and Jeff. Thank you all for holding my ammo around those 340 bulls. This stud was worth the wait! He was tricky to get on and put the slip on me two days in a row but I was finally able to catch him in the open placing a single shot at 600 yards. He literally dropped in his tracks! An unbelievable ending to an epic hunt taking home my biggest bull ever at 360 inches!