Tech Tuesday- Hog Saddle

Rifle season has arrived and while afield, terrain features and vegetation can make taking shots from the prone impossible. There are many options that are available today that help us as hunters and marksmen get off the ground and over top of vegetation in order to take shots in any condition.

Shooting sticks or a tripod rest equate to additional gear that one has to carry, so when making the basis of selection it is best to first make that consideration with the application in mind. 

If you are afield doing some glassing and spotting with your spotting scope, you can now make use of your tripod to also create a shooting rest. Coupling a high quality tripod and HOG Saddle offers any rifle and shooter unparalleled, steady support in any condition.

The HOG Saddle is a universal rifle rest that literally locks your rifle into position, offering a stable shooting platform. When taking inexperienced or young hunters afield, I really appreciate the stability that the HOG Saddle affords. The Marine Corps actually considers the HOG Saddle to be a safety device because it maintains control of the loaded firearm.

The HOG Saddle is also designed to absorb and dampen the recoil from your hunting rifle. This will allow you as the shooter to stay on target and place a follow up shot if needed. Turkey hunters take note, simply set your rifle into position over your decoys and you are hands free to run your box calls minimizing movement while maintaining your shooting position. 

Simply mount the HOG or PIG saddle to your tripod head or directly to the base of the tripod without using a head. You can attach your tripod's quick release plate to the bottom of the HOG Saddle for easy on and off. 

The HOG Saddle was designed by a Marine Scout Sniper and OIF Veteran with the special operations and law enforcement community in mind, however, I have found the HOG Saddle to be extremely valuable afield. The design is based around four basic principals:

Ruggedness- Impact and corrosion resistant

Portability- Less than 16 ounces

Versitility- Universal compatibility to any tripod platform using 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments

American Made- Made in the USA. Period.  

There are two versions to select from, the MOD7 HOG Saddle which retails at $309.00 and the PIG Saddle retailing at $135.00. Go to to learn more.