Tech Tuesday- Truck Vault

The road to hunting camp can be a long one, often I find myself on the road for days before arriving at my final destination. Loading and offloading gear in and out of my truck and into my hotel room can be a huge hassle, especially after a long day. Leaving firearms and expensive optics in the truck overnight has not been an option, until now. Let me introduce you to my new favorite piece of custom security gear, the Truck Vault.

100% Made in the USA, Truck Vault, offers a huge variety of secure, in-vehicle secure storage options for trucks with or without a canopy. You want options, Truck Vault has lots of them to fit your needs. For the sake of my crazy outdoor lifestyle, I opted with the all-weather extreme series so that my gear would be safe, secure and weather protected even if I chose to remove the canopy from my truck.

Not only are my valuables protected from inclement weather and theft, I can keep them organized with drawer dividers and compartments that are secured with heavy duty locks. If you are worried about overloading the top of your vault, don’t worry, you can carry up to 2,000 pounds on top of the vault, with their Extreme All-Weather series that you can also add tie down rails to the unit to help secure big loads. The drawers will easily support your gear and will support more weight than you can comfortably pull out. The standard drawer height will afford plenty of room for most shotguns to be stored and the magnum size will allow scoped rifles to be stored with ease without having to lay them on their side.

With each TruckVault being custom made to order, you can ensure that you are getting the perfect vault for your needs and your truck make and model. You can even add power outlets for a working office area, there are tons of options from drawer configuration, drawer divider options, custom carpet selection, cargo lights, tie down rails, table extensions, drawer foam, and drawer face selection options and more. With hunters needs in mind, check out the series designed to fit your application; Bow Hunting, Duck Hunting, Upland Bird, Trap Shooting, Camping, and more.

If you are looking for secure vehicle storage options, be sure that you check out TruckVault at