Swarovski Optik Announces Renewed Sponsorship

Swarovski Optik Digiscoping of the Year Cranston, Rhode Island - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian-based company, announces the renewed sponsorship of Kristy Titus. Kristy is a visible hunter with such organizations as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Cabela's and is an editor for Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines. Since her sponsorship first began with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, Kristy became the Fitness Editor for North American Hunter magazine.

Growing up hunting in the rugged western mountains that sat in her backyard, Kristy developed an appreciation and respect for nature that she practices today in her career. She uses her experience and knowledge to educate others about the outdoors and the importance of staying healthy for hunting, all while being an advocate for wildlife and habitat conservation. Kristy also manages to find ways to work with non-profit organizations where she places an emphasis on making sure hunting remains a tradition that will be available for future generations.

"The number of women participating in the outdoors and shooting sports has been on the rise," Kristy Titus said. "Thanks to this increase, women are now playing an even larger part in conserving our nation's wildlife and their habitat. Together with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, sharing our passion and love of the outdoors with other women and children is helping to expand our community and create the next generation of hunters and conservationists."

Dean Capuano, Director of Communications for SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA said, "Our partnership with Kristy Titus has been great. She embodies all the aspects of a hunter that SWAROVSKI OPTIK as a brand promotes, passion, knowledge, inspiration and conservation. We look forward to continuing with her to help promote great messages to future generations of hunters."

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