RMEF Team Elk- Knocked Off in MT

My cheek was perfectly rested on the weld of my rifle stock, the bull was bedded in my crosshairs. Laying in the prone position on the steep mountainside, I had somehow managed to wedge myself against some rocks, able to hold the position and keep from sliding down the mountain’s face. Time was ticking by…slowly. An hour had passed, waiting for the magnificent bull to take to his feet.

This is the moment that hunters dream about, plan and prepare for. Spending nearly 700 rounds at the range practicing out to 1000 yards shooting angles and hasty resting positions, planning that when this moment arose, with a 6 point bull in my crosshairs, one press of the trigger and I would be packing the bounty of fresh meat off of the mountain to take home to my family.

Some dreams simply don’t come true no matter how much we practice, plan or pray. This is a hunt that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Six days of daylight to dark hiking in snow storms in some of the steepest roughest terrain that the good Lord created. Watch Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk to see what happened on the mountain in MT that week.