RMEF Team Elk- Youth Hunter Eli James Public Land NM

The sun still hung behind the eastern slopes of the mountains, she is going to rise but has not peeked her shining head above the horizon. Just a few more minutes and she will shine her lovely light across the basin. The bulls bugle rings in our ears like a church bell on a Sunday morning signaling the beginning of what is to be an epic first hunt for 14 year old Eli James.

Mentor Jim Craig, Eli's father Marty and Eli in the field.Eli is a remarkable young man, he is an RMEF Youth Member and participates annually in the Craig Family Camp at the S.A.F.E. Shooting Access for Everyone, a program that the Craig Family organizes locally in Indiana with the support of RMEF. In 2015, Eli will serve as a mentor to other kids at the camp.

Jim and Leann Craig, Co-founders of the Craig Family Camp, saw something special in Eli, possibly his love of the outdoors, respectful demeanor and an opportunity to create a legacy within Eli for the next generation of hunters.

At a mere 14 years old, Eli is an experienced hounds man, mentor to his little brother and other kids in his community and now, an accomplished public land New Mexico elk hunter.

Stay tuned for Season 6 of RMEF’s Team Elk television show airing on the Outdoor Channel to watch young Eli’s first experience hunting the most majestic animal in the world, bull elk in the heat of the rut and see for yourself why It’s In Our Nature.