2014 Wild Sheep Foundation National Convention

The Wild Sheep Foundation National Convention is one of my favorite shows to attend. Even though it is a small show, you have 100% hard core hunters that all share the same desire for extreme hunting that pushes not only your body but your mind beyond what you may have previously believed possible.

At some point, every sheep hunter descends from the mountain exhausted, cold, hungry and weary, addicted to the rush of the challenge, dreaming to do it again. It becomes a compulsion that I cannot describe. The bonds that are forged in formidable territory truly last a lifetime.

This year’s national convention and its attendees put $3.1 million dollars towards putting and keeping sheep on the mountain. Attendees all got a chance to check out some of the best manufactures from around the globe showcasing the latest and greatest in backcountry gear and firearms. This year boasted a dynamic seminar line up with tips from some of the most credible hunters in the world.

Many awards were given this year including the Frank Golata Outfitter Award which went to the well deserving Drinkall family. The USA Flag that was flown in Afghanistan was auctioned off raising $60,000 for Wounded Warrior Outdoors and the WSF.

Evening events were always entertaining with redneck style Olympics. Thursday night was the “Horse Packing Races”, Friday night was the “Backpacking Races” and Saturday night was a free for all at the local dance hall.

Over the course of the show, new friendships were made but most importantly, necessary funds were put on the ground to go to work towards conserving and enhancing our critical natural resources for the next generation of sheep and sheep hunters.