2014 USA Shooting Team/WWO Sporting Clay Shoot

Every year he Wild Sheep Foundation organizes a sporting clays tournament during the national convention, this year’s event was in Carson City NV hosted by the Capitol City Gun Club.



Members of the USA Shooting Team Frank Thompson, Brian Meyer on the gun.Amber English, Kayle Browning, Caitlin Connor and Jake Wallace joined Wounded Warrior Outdoors GySGT, USMC Brian Meyer, GySGT, USMC TJ Tejada, USMC, SGT Matt Amos, US Army, SGT Jim Sursely, (retired), with the events funds to be used to benefit the USA Shooting Team and WSF.



Each of the warriors was paired up with a member of Me, Matt Amos & Kayle Browningthe USA Shooting team; this year I was on the same team as SGT Matt Amos and USA Shooting Team member Kayle Browning, also known as our “sweeper”. Immediately, Matt and I began the traditional smack talk of who was going to out shoot who, both knowing that we were destined to ultimately lose to Kayle.


I was pretty good at demonstrating techniques that should not be implemented while Kayle was great at helping us visualize at what point in flight we should be leading the clay for a successful shot. Smack talk and instruction from one of the best shooters in the world makes for a fun entertaining day to say the least.


I was full on “revenge of the nerds” with scotch tape over my left eye to correct for eye dominance issues. My nerdiness was all part of the day’s fun because after all you should be able to at least laugh at yourself. With great effort, my attempt at outshooting Matt was without success but next year I hope to redeem myself.


Even having Kayle as our “sweeper” my team did not receive an award, I will take credit for being theMatt & Kayle watching Ryder on the gun. anchor that slowed our team down from a successful finish, as I do get credit for worst shooter on our team. Fun was had nonetheless.


After shooting, awards were handed out to top shots as we feasted on a fabulous BBQ lunch. It was very fun to see so many men in the kitchen for a change. Everyone took delight in the camaraderie that was shared and memories that will surely last a lifetime.