September 2nd WOD

New Day...New Challenge...New Victory

Everyday a NEW challenge is Everyday a NEW awesome is that?!? Everyday you can challenge yourself to do something new and be victorious...every single day.

Many people do not challenge themselves out of fear. Fear of failure, defeat, fear that the journey will be too difficult, fear of simply the unknown. Take that fear, drink it down and take on the challenge anyway.

Victory is the reward for discipline, dedication and the courage to take on that fear, accept the challenge and eventually succeed.

My new workout/training program is a bit of an adjustment for me. I am lifting in ways that I have never done, more like an endurance athlete training for a big race. My objectives for my next bodybuilding show are different and with that objective, I have to remain open minded and take on this new challenge and training style.

Yesterday, I got a virtual face slap from my trainer when I was lifting too heavy during my warmup set. I trust Andrew to coach me towards success and with that I have to lay down everything that "I think I know" and take on this new training challenge with confidence and trust.

How are you challenging yourself everyday? If you are not challenging yourself daily, then ask yourself when was the last time you accepted a challenge? Can you remember? If not, then tomorrow is a good day to let go of the fear that is holding you back, give up the excuses and take on a challenge. Everyday victory can be yours. Today, I was victorious. Were you?


~Warm Up~

@40 Yard distance unless otherwise specified

*Jog 80 Yards

*High Knee Skip 80 Yards

*Side Shuffle 80 Yards

*Karoakee 80 Yards

*Jog 80 Yards

*Back Pedal

*Hitler Walk

*Toe Walk

*Heel Walk

*Jog 80 Yards

*Buildup sprint max out at 70-80% of your max



3-4 Sets, Rep Order 16, 14, 12, 10

*Back Squats

          - Squat Jumps x10

*Side Lunges

          - Lateral Bounds x20

*Leg Extensions

          - Step Ups x20

*Hamstring Curls

          - In-N-Out Squat Jumps x20

*Back Lunges

          -Pogo Jumps x50 (WARNING: These are very embarassing to do in public)

*Calf Raises- Straight, Toes In & Toes Out

          -Jump Rope 30 Seconds

Lower reps and increase weight on subsequent sets of primary exercises (*). Secondary sets (-) remain constant. There is no rest between exercises.



60 Mintues Target Heart Rate Elliptical

15 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber