September 1st WOD


Getting There...

Life is one continuous journey. The living happens day to day in the simplest of things. Happiness is found within those simple everyday things.

Going to the gym, making dinner, running errands, working, spending time with your family and community; all of those things together are what make up life.

What makes a happy life is also a huge part in who you surround yourself with. Do you spend your life and time with positive and encouraging people who believe in you and your dreams and support you through thick and thin or people who are negative and have a can't do attitude, dragging you down, discouraging you from trying to achieve, believe and actualize your goals or dreams?

I am a firm believer in  life is not about where you go but who you go there with.

Surrounding yourself with positive role models and people who are doing great things for the community, their family and friends and even for themselves will help encourage you to do the same. Positive influence is a very powerful factor.

This week, take a look at who you choose to surround yourself with and ask yourself silently how these people are influencing you and your life, your thoughts, feelings and actions. Are they positive or negative?

Personally, I do my best to surround myself with positive people. People who make me want to be a better person, believe in myself and make me want to be a better person to myself, family, friends and community. These are the types of people that you want to travel through life with.

Today's WOD was once again brought to you by Andrew and I must say that I am feeling sore from the brutality of these workouts and LOVING it!!! I am traveling my journey to my next show with the help of a great coach and mentor. Who could ask for more...?


3 Sets of 15, 12, 10

Back & Abs

* Wide Grip Pull Ups -OR- Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

          - Abs

*Bent Over DB Row

          - Abs

*Narrow Grip Chin Ups -OR- Narrow Grip Pull Downs

          - Abs

*Close Grip Seated Row

          - Abs

          - 30 Seconds Box Step Ups

*Straight Arm Pull Downs

          - Abs

Ab Exercises, vary each set as follows:

Hanging Knee Raises, In-N-Outs, V-Ups, Leg Raise Circles, Hanging Leg Raises, Side Crunch, Toe Touches, Push-Throughs, Sky Rockets, Twists, Med Ball Overhead Crunch, Med Ball Twist Slams

Lower reps and increase weight on subsequent sets of primary exercises (*). Secondary sets (-) remain constant. There is no rest between exercises.