RMEF Team Elk Season 4- UT Elk Hunt

Velvet Dreams...

The first elk hunt of the season signifies a years worth of dreams potentially becoming a reality. Red Creek Outfitters in Utah is the perfect place for those dreams to come true. The pursuit of big bull elk while in full velvet is a dream come true.

The part of early season archery elk hunting that I truly love is having the ability to pattern a big bull. When you find bachelor bull habitat, you know it. Wallows, bear cabbage and timber...oh my!

The bulls are in bachelor herds and granted, you may not find a ton of elk sign, when you see elk in bachelor habitat, chances are it's a bull. The big old bulls can't even be bothered in bachelor herds. They are off all by themselves relaxing and enjoying the final days of pre-rut life. Young bulls start to spar, anxiously awaiting the upcoming rut.This is my favorite time of year.

Country music song writer and artist, Josh Thompson was in camp, pursuing his own dreams of filling his archery elk tag with success. He even graced us with a private performance.

Stay tuned for RMEF's Team Elk Season 4 on the Outdoor Channel to see what went down in the mountains of Utah.