2013 Hunters Handbook- Hunter Education

The Hunter Education Association developed the Hunters Handbook which takes over 700,000 students each year beyond the general mandatory safety guidelines offering a wide variety of additional subject matter from archery, firearm cleaning, survival and much more.

The 2013 Hunters Handbook is being distributed in Hunter Education classrooms around the country. Mentoring and encouraging new hunters and shooters to participate in the sport is critical in the continuation of our hunting and shooting traditions.

This year I am beyond honored to share my passion for the outdoors and conservation as a featured personality within the Hunters Handbook. It feels so good to have your passion and love for something turn into impacting nearly 1 million kids nationwide as a positive role model for young hunters. This is such an incredible honor.

This is what Brian Thurston of the Hunter's Handbook had to say:

"We here at Hunter's Handbook appreciate the hard work, dedication, and fulfilled dreams that you've accomplished as a driven student and teacher of the hunting and shooting sports. Your contributions and influence are a great and vital part of our industry." Brian Thurston, Publisher Hunter's Handbook