July 16th WOD


Moving It...

My workout in the gym today was a grunt. Not fun at all. Mentally, I had to force myself to stay with my workout, making it happen.

Success is not easily achieved and often times we do not "feel" like taking the necessary steps that lead us towards achieving our goals.

Bear in mind that meal after meal, workout after workout, day after day, you are one step closer to your version of health fitness success. Sitting back dreaming about it or looking in the mirror thinking "I wish" is not going to help you actualize your dreams or goals.

Make it happen no matter how you "feel". Success comes to those who are willing to work harder and go that extra mile whether they feel like it or not. Go out today and make it happen!


60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

60 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories: 996, Average Heart Rate: 136, Average Intensity: 46%, WillPower: 7.8