July 14th WOD

Quitting is not an option...

The hike to the top of Oregon's third tallest mountain, the South Sister is very physically and mentally demanding. Her peak reaches 10,358 ft and in a short 5.5 miles, you climb 4,900 vertical feet.

The total hike is just over 13 miles round trip and is rugged, steep but most importantly, stunningly beautiful. The higher you climb the more spectacular the view becomes. You are literally on top of the world at the peak.

The hike is difficult, just like anything in life can be, but well worth the effort.

Along the trail we encountered several people who made it well over half way up the mountain and quit for various reasons. Their friends persevered and made the summit and they sat their waiting for their return to descend down the mountain, having quit without finishing.

This was shocking to me. Here is one of the most beautiful places in the world and there was people choosing to quit for fear of potential injury or breathlessness. These people were sitting back as quitters while their friends lived, experienced and persevered to the top.

The people that I saw quit were able bodied individuals that had given up mentally. Cheated themselves out of a truly remarkable experience. For what? What pride can be achieved when you quit?

One of my favorite quotes is "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" by Lao-Tzu. He got it right. You put one foot in front of the other and in time you have gone not only a step but climbed to the peaks of the highest mountains.

If you feel like quitting something in your life, take a look deep down into yourself and find your purpose to persevere. The view from the top is nothing less than spectacular and the mental triumph is worth every bit of the effort.