June 25th WOD

Doing Today for Tomorrow...

Today I am a short 5 weeks out from heading North to British Columbia to film a Stone Sheep hunt, not very much time to train my body to be mountain tough.

Over the next 5 weeks, my workouts may seem excessive to many. For me, I must train today so that when the time comes, Mother Natures won't slow me down.

There is nothing that can ruin a hunt faster than sore muscles. My goal is always to train hard enough at home so that I wake up on day 10 of my hunt feeling as good as I did on the first day.

When you take into consideration backpack hunting requires an individual to carry a load between 60-100 pounds, over some nasty terrain day after day. You must be willing to train in a way that prepares your body.

My vow to myself this month is to train like a beast, doing today in a way that others won't so that tomorrow I can climb higher. I may not be the fastest or the strongest on the mountain, but I will have given it my all...


100 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

20 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical

Armour 39 Report:

Calories Burned: 969, Average Heart Rate: 136, Average Intensity: 46%, WillPower: 7.7