May 8th WOD



Tonight my workout tonight was tough, really tough but with that being said, I managed to set a personal record on my deadlift at 195#. I believe that I could have gone heavier.I will save a new PR (personal record) for next time.

Crossfit has not gotten easier, I have gotten stronger.

Tonights workout was one of my favorites the Cindy which basically equated to 5 pull ups, 10 push ups followed by 15 air squats. We did as many rounds as were possible in a 20 minute time frame.

Dry heaves hang on...

Even though I thought I was going to throw up after it was all said and done, I once again set a personal record completing 18 rounds.

Pushing my body like this helps me identify where I am getting stronger and where my weakness lies. I can honestly say that the air squats were like a nice breather but the push ups are what killed me!

So, I must conquer where I am weak...push ups here I come!!

It feels so good to be feeling stronger when a couple short months ago I was so sore and tired that I felt as if I had been beaten with a bat and then trampled by horses.

When you start lifting, it is important to know that the beginning is always the hardest part and it does get easier; you get STRONGER.



Oregon Crossfit


WOD: “Cindy” 20 min amrap (As Many Reps As Possible), 5 Pull-up, 10 push up, 15 Air squat (Record rounds)

Challenge: Work up to your 1 rep max deadlift

Play: ankle mobility work