April 8th WOD


We only have one life and unfortunately, life is too short. We never know how many days/years we have to LIVE. To me, living life to the fullest means to not have regrets, live in the moment, while also planning for the future and LIVING out all of your hopes and dreams while helping others do the same along the way.

Living for the moment does not have to mean eating whatever you feel like and however much you want, it does not mean dumping chemicals into our bodies with over processed food, drugs and alcohol. It does not mean skipping workouts or worse yet, not working out at all.

Living for the moment treating your body like the temple that it is so that you have better odds of having as many years possible to LIVE out all of our hopes and dreams.

Fueling your body with whole natural, healthy foods and moving your body every day, doing something that will make you stronger on the inside and leaner on the out.

Never live in fear, no matter where your health is today, tomorrow it can be better. Each meal, each workout, every decision you make as to what you put into your body and what you do each day will help you create your own temple of health. The only limits that you have are the ones that you put upon yourself.

Live without limits, fulfill your mission, give someone a helping hand, have no regrets, laugh too hard, love too much, follow your heart, live out your dreams outloud and start today by taking that single step towards having it all...You are your own version of wonderful.


75 Minutes Target heart Rate Cardio Stair Step/Elliptical Combo.


50 Burpee onto 45# plate,

25 American Swings 70/53

50 D/U (Double Under Jump Rope)

Challenge: HBBS(High Bar Back Squat) 3×3@85%, 2×1@90%, 2×5@80%- Based on percentage of weight of 1 rep max

25 Hanging knee tucks

Play: 2 min Paleo Chair

banded squat work