April 24th WOD


Do what you can with where you are...

Today, I found myself back on the road. My destination, Sidney Nebraska to the Cabela's World Headquarters.

Doing what you can with where you are...

What does that mean? To me it means that you make the most out of everyday and every workout no matter what your age, current level of fitness and physical location is.

I do not always have access to a gym or a crossfit box, so I do what I can with where I am, no matter my location.That may mean hitting up the hotel gym, creating a workout that I can do in camp or simply hiking the hills with my pack on during the hunt. I evaluate where I am, what I have access to, how much I have time for and I make the best of it.

Competitive Drive...

The great thing about going to crossfit is that there are so many really strong really fit ladies in there. I look up to these ladies, they motivate me to work harder, lift more frequently so that I can get stronger and have better endurance. This is healthy competition and I may not be the youngest or the strongest, but I do my best and always strive to be better each day than I was the day before.

Everyday is an opportunity for us to improve, to be healthier, make better food choices, all taking the best care of our fragile human frame and health.

Today, my workout was in a hotel gym. I tried to copy the Oregon Crossfit WOD but did not have the needed equipment, so I modified and did the best I could with what I had access to.


3 Sets to failure @7

Cable Single Arm Lateral Raise

One Arm Cable Press

3 Sets to failure

Hand Stands

3 Sets

30 Sit Ups

90 Second Bridge


100 Air Squats


70 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical