April 9th WOD


Mind Over Matter

Tonight in Crossfit, part of our WOD included box jumps. Obviously, I am not very tall (5'2") and I have always struggled with "getting to the top" of the box, especially when I am fatigued.

One of the aspects that I LOVE about Crossfit is that everyone is supportive of each other and always willing to lend a hand. Patricia, is one of the many talented trainers at Oregon Crossfit who more often than not is training in my class. She is always helpful to everyone, even during her own workout.

Patricia saw me struggling with my box jumps today and made a simple statement that changed how I looked at doing the box jumps.

She said that when she is tired, she remembers what another crossfitter once told her..."Don't try and JUMP up to the top of the box, just focus on pulling your knees into your chest, the rest will come."

WOW....revelation. Suddenly, instead of feeling defeated by this little box, I got it and it was EASIER!!! Same movement, different perspective. Then she looks back at me and says, "Add a stack to that box, you can jump higher" and you know what, she was right I could jump higher and I did!

In life, I find that so much of what we "think" we are capable of is based on what we "think" instead of what we are actually capable of. Letting go of our mind and looking at the same situation from a slightly different perspective can be all that it takes for you to start DOING instead of "thinking" you can't.


Oregon Crossfit

3 Sets descending reps at 12-9-6 Power Clean(you chose weight)

box jumps 30/24

Challenge: 5×2 Clean 1st Pull to knee(3 second pause) squat clean, on the 2nd attempt complete a push jerk.

Play: 400m jog