LOL (Ladies of Lead) Group Therapy Range Day

A day at the range is always a great day. This particular day at the range was one that I had been looking forward to; a time to put into play the fundamentals that I learned while attending the LOL Group Therapy, LLC Course for the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.

Over the previous weeks, I had spent 8 hours in the classroom learning the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, shooting fundamentals, ammunition, range rules, pistol cleaning and the basics of the bench rest shooting position and the two handed shooting position.

It was so fun to get to learn with a great group of ladies that were as excited about guns as me!!!

Time to put it all together at the range for 4 hours of hands on instruction while shooting 50 rounds of .22LR, 10 rounds .38, 10 rounds of 9mm, and 5 rounds of 45ACP. Oh what fun it was to “drive” each caliber of pistol and see which ones felt and shot the best for me.  Many of the ladies were surprised how easy the recoil management was and a couple overcame their “fears” of shooting.

During the range day, I received my official title as “NRA Basic Practical” and am looking forward to taking my written exam for the certificate of course completion of the NRA Basic Pistol.

My next day at the range, I will qualify with LOL Group Therapy, LLC for my Promarksman and Marksman certifications. I can’t wait!!!