March 29th WOD


Moving Forward...

Today was a difficult day, having just lost my best friend and loyal companion, my dog Gus I did quite a bit of reflection on our years together.

When my dog was young, he was bouncing off the walls with energy, ALWAYS wanting to work or run or go do something. He was great motivation for me to do exactly that.

The past couple of years, he had slowed down tremendously but when he couldn't fly across the field after the ball or run 6 miles with me, he would jog and when he couldn't jog, he would walk and when he couldn't walk, he would hobble. Still always wanting to be with me, still having the WILL to move FORWARD.

My best lesson from Gus is to NEVER EVER EVER quit moving forward. You have to dig deep into your heart and find that strength to keep going...


45 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

45 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical