March 20th WOD


Today, my body was in need of a bit of rest. So, instead of hitting the weights or crossfit, I upped the duration of my cardio session.

Now, I do not recommend that you should necessarily do as much cardio as me. What I am saying is try to get in your"MAX". Two hours of cardio is my max in one session, so if you normally do 30 minutes, try 45 or if 45 if normal to you try to do 60. Just push yourself a bit, within reason.

For me, pushing myself to do the most that I can is always important, especially when I am home and I have more time to dedicate and focus on my health fitness. There are times where I simply do now have the time for extended durations of cardio.

I enjoy cardio and I am conditioned for extended duration of cardio sessions, so cardio it was today.


120 Minutes of Target Heart Rate Cardio- Combination of stair climber and elliptical