March 19th WOD


I did none of those things today, so I kept going. My body feels as if I have been beaten with a bat over nearly every square inch. This pain is temporary and I will survive becoming stronger and better than before.

~Misery Loves Company~

I love that my personal physical misery is also being experienced by others as Ashley shared with me this morning on facebook. I am also glad that my misery motivated her to push through and train harder.

So I have to tell you my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning to go to CF and I was so stinking sore and decided to get on fb. I was convincing myself I was too sore that I should go back to sleep then I saw your post. So without you knowing you motivated me today. I am so glad I went. So to you "thank you":-)




80 Minutes Target Heart Rate- Stair Climber/Eliptical Combo


Oregon Crossfit-

WOD: 20 Russian Swings EMOM for 8 minutes, rest 1 minute, 500 ME Row

Challenge: Complete 5×1 Clean Pull to knee(pause 3 seconds) squat clean, after complete 3×3 Push Press

Play: 2 minutes bottom of the squat, banded shoulder stretches