November 1st WOD


Feeling Sore not Sorry...

Today, I was back on the road but before I hit the highway, I made sure to get in my workout. I am already feeling soreness in my muscles. Not sorry...soreness. That is a good feeling.

Everyday, you make the choice to feel sore or sorry.


Warm Up Set + 2 follow up sets with reps of 12 excluding walking lunges in sets of 25


Walking Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Leg Extensions

Andrew's AB Workout #4- 2-1 Rest Ratio


     -Oblique Crunches

     -Double Leg Raises

     -Toe Touches


     -Hanging Leg Raises

     -Bicycle Crunches

     -Raised Leg Hold

     -Mountain Climbers


     -Hanging Knee Raises

     -Prone Sit Ups