October 23rd


Wild at Heart...

This week I am on a hunt in Colorado. To get here, I spent the past two days driving, not exactly fun. Today, I was thankful to be climbing the steep rugged Rocky mountains.

Mid-day, I found myself with a bit of extra time, pent up energy and a very hyper little puppy so I went on a short run.

There is nothing more spectacular than hiking in the woods. The sound of the frozen dirt crunching under foot, the glistening grasses white and frozen, the appearance of your breath lingering in mid air, the bite of the cold on your nose. It is fall and the mountain is slowing down and going to sleep for the long winter.

When was the last time that you really connected with all things wild? Does your heart yearn for those moments in Mother Nature? Have you taken the time to get quiet and enjoy the splendor that awaits you outside of your front door?

Stay wild at heart...

Get out, get wild, fuel your soul and fill your heart.


(Additional to standard hunt hike etc.)

15 Minute Walk with Kruger

30 Minute Jog