October 16th WOD


Doing It Today...

Life gets busy and pretty soon you are flipping the page on the calendar to another month. It is hard to believe that the month of October is halfway over. I am a short 5 months out from my bodybuilding show and it is now officially crunch time.

No more excuses, no more putting the discipline of clean eating and hard training off. Today, I gave my workout and diet 100% effort. Doing it today, tomorrow, the next day and so on so that come March 30th, I will bring my best to the stage.

Today, I was tired and pulling a double workout was not sounding fun at about 8:30 tonight after my first official day of weighing, measuring and timing every single meal all day long. Oh I had better get used to this routine for this is my life the next 5 months.

Here I go. Put on my big girl pants, tighten the laces on my shoes, I am off an running!!! No matter how tired you get, how many good excuses that you can come up with, you must let them go. Change in your life begins today. Do it today and be proud tomorrow.




35 Minutes Target Heart Rate Ellptical

55 Minutes Target Heart Rate Stair Climber

30 Minutes Target Heart Rate Elliptical



20 Minute Run

Andrew's Ab Routine #1....

20 Slow Crunches

15 Laying Leg Raises

45 Seconds Rest

5-8 V-Ups

6-8 Laying Leg Raise Circles

30 Seconds Rest

30 Flutter Kicks

10 Window Wipers

15 Seconds Rest

30 Side Crunches

10 In-N-Outs

30 Second Seal Stretch

30 Second Plank (Front, L Side, R Side, Belly Up)