NSSF SHOT Show Part 1

January marks the beginning of trade show season; a time where manufacturers launch the exciting new products that they have spent the past year(s) developing and perfecting. As a consumer, this time always leaves me feeling a bit like a child anxiously waiting for my turn to open Christmas presents. Vivid images fill your head of what exciting new technological advances or industry changing product lines will be unveiled, ultimately helping you fill your tag turning your upcoming dream hunt into a reality.

SHOT show was busy as usual, my feet taking me around the outdoor world so to speak to some of the best manufactures; Swarovski Optik and their latest and greatest modular spotting scope system, Under Armour with some exciting new additions to the women hunt line, Realtree launching their new camo pattern Xtra and Xtra Green, Eberlestock backpacks new Team Elk pack, the list goes on and on.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, I filmed segments for the new “Hunt Planner” portion of the RMEF’s newly redesigned website that will feature interactive information for the elk hunter geared towards before the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt. I filmed segments at SHOT featuring Browning rifles, Nosler bullets, Buck Knives, Eberlestock’s new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour and Federal Premium Ammunition.

For my second year in a row, I teamed up with the Outdoor Channel on line bringing the latest and greatest from SHOT to the Outdoor Channel.com community, filming segments including Eberlestock and the new Team Elk backpack, Hunting GPS Maps, Under Armour, Swarovski Optik, Magpul Dynamics, Weatherby’s Team Gen X including Chad Mendes and Brendon Clark.

Somewhere in there I even managed an appearance at the Crosman booth. After that, I stopped by the OTIS booth and was honored when American Hero Dick Marcinko, founder of Navy Seal Team 6, Red Cell and author of New York Times best selling title “Rogue Warrior” and conservative talk show radio host “America on Watch” and Medal of Honor recipient Jon Cavaiani, took photos with me and autographed a pictures for my collection.

At the Under Armour “Ridge Reaper” television show premier Aaron Lewis rocked the house!!! The teaser for the upcoming show left everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the new series set to premier in the 3rd quarter on the Outdoor Channel.

By week’s end, I was limping between appointments, regretting not bringing along my Cabela’s Lady Hunter boots for my travels. Please check out the videos below to watch some of the videos that were filmed at SHOT. The remainder, you will be able to find on RMEF’s Hunt Planner website.

Eberlestock Team Elk Backpack: Under Armour Women Hunt: Brendon Clark Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby: Chad Mendez Team Weatherby Favorite Hunt