Swarovski Optik Announces Sponsorship of Kristy Titus



There are moments throughout life that are monumental; moments that reflect experiences, dedication, passion and unrelenting drive.  These are the moments that we often dream about with the hopes that one day, that dream will become reality.

This week has been that dream come true when Swarovski Optik officially announced their support and sponsorship of me. Words simply cannot express how deeply grateful and honored I am to be part of the Swarovski Optik family.

With a shared passion and love of the outdoors, I am looking forward to working together with Swarovski Optik in the promotion of education, conservation and resource stewardship, helping to ensure the continuation of our hunting heritage for generations to come.

By sharing my experiences, it is my ultimate hope to inspire others and reveal the beauty of the world with the eyes of a hawk.

Kristy Titus


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