Cabela's Union Gap Grand Opening

On October 4th, 2012 Cabela's opened it's first ever Outpost location in Union Gap Washington. I was thrilled to receive the honor of conducting the ribbon cutting ceremony in true Cabela's fashion.


With my heart in my throat, in front of nearly 3,000 customers, the local radio and television stations, the mayor and Cabela's outfitters, I climbed up a 15' tree stand, toed up my PSE bow and with one perfectly placed shot the ribbon was cut. Follow the link below to watch the ceremony unfold...

The Union Gap Cabela's is a 40,000 sq.ft. store that is designed to change with every season. Featuring seasonal product assortments, an indoor archery range, an archery tech room, experts in every departement and dynamic wildlife displays, as well as thousands of quality outdoor products.

The store is located at:
1400 E. Washington Avenue
Union Gap, WA 98903