Supercharged By Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips From The Wild, Kristy Titus explains why she loves Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus- from the simplest reason that in the back country we often don't have the time to boil water for coffee to the adaptogenic herbs that help your body combat stress and neuroactive compounds that are going to help your entire body feel and perform optimally. Check it out!

Ultimate Smoked Fish Recipe


After setting your hook into the largest of steelhead, there can be a tremendous bounty for the angler to harvest. B-run steelhead from the Clearwater River in Idaho are not typically known to be the best BBQ fare as the fish is typically on its way to spawn or have already spawned by the time anglers set hooks into them. Anglers can easily note the quality of the fish meat by the color and overall health of the fish. Beautiful chrome hatchery hens and bucks will make great BBQ fare, however if the fish is dark red in color or is showing signs of decay, simply release the fish to the water. If the steelhead is still of silver color and not too red, the meat quality may have declined but is still outstanding smoked and is great in pastas and dips.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, The Wild Kitchen, Kristy Titus demonstrates smoking B-Run steelhead with an award winning recipe by Sean Literal who is a local Lewiston Idaho resident.

 3 cups H20

 2 cups brown sugar

 ½ cup salt plain

 ½ tsp pepper

 ½ tsp cloves

 ½ tsp cayenne pepper

 ½ tsp garlic

 1 cap liquid smoke (optional)

 ¼ tsp thyme

 1 lemon squeezed

 1 tbs tabassco

 1 tbs soy

 1 cup sugar

 2 tbsp maple extract

 1 tbsp vanilla

 1 tbsp red food color (optional it is for looks only)

Heat and stir but don’t boil, soak skinless fish fillets for 2 days then smoke to desired firmness the best smoked fish is usually very moist.

For Generations To Come

Over 100 years of cherished hunting stories and memories that have literally been the bonds of the Ellis family all took place on this awe inspiring ground in Eastern Oregon. In the late 1800’s Sam and Ida Walker settled this land to begin their family, never knowing the legacy that they would be leaving behind. This has been the ground that many hunters trekked across for their first and some for their last hunt. Those that have passed are still fondly remembered today. A monster bull elk is proudly on display in the old farmhouse, taken by avid huntress, and daughter of the Walkers, Verna Gilliland. Her husband Paul’s old hunting license from 1911 can be found on the office wall today. At the time, Paul was a mere 21 years old.

“Experience what we have known for three generations…over 33,000 acres of diverse and challenging hunting terrain, picturesquely framed by the foothills of the Blue Mountains.” Ellis Family Hunting Ranches Website

The love of the outdoors and continuation of the time honored hunting tradition is being shared by the Ellis family as it has been so for over three generations, this time with Jacob, his best friend Chase and Jacob’s father Keith. Both Jacob and Chase are exceptional 12 year old young men, both have a love of the outdoors and spirit of the hunt within each of them. This was the perfect place for them to share together in the experience of Jacob’s very first elk hunt. This hunt was a special first for another reason as well, not only was this Jacob’s first elk hunt, but he would be the first in his household to hunt elk, ever. Stay tuned to watch the time honored tradition of elk hunting be passed down from the Ellis family to the Taylor family, extending the legacy of the land and her grace for us all to enjoy. This hunt originally aired on RMEF's Team Elk Television Show.

How To Do An Warn Winch Angled Pull

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Tips from the Wild, Kristy Titus meets up with Pat Miewes of Warn Industries to demonstrate the proper technique for the angled pull which will enable the user to get as much cable off the winch as you can to maximize its pulling capacity.

Topics Discussed:

- Anchor point

- Use of tree saver

- Use of equipment

- Use of rope extensions

- Safety

Warn Winch Accessories:

- Gloves

- Winch Damper

-Hook Strap

- Shackle

– connection point accessories

- Tree Trunk Protector

- Snatch block

- Rope Extensions

- 30 foot tow strap

Ruger Precision Rifle Meet Dracos Barrels

Out of the box the Ruger Precision Rifle delivers sub .5 MOA accuracy, but the real beauty in this rifle is in the endless ways in which it can be customized. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus heads to the heart of big sky country, to meet up with her friends over at Sonju Enterprises- the home of Dracos barrels to customize an RPR and get in a little range time with friends.