November 20th WOD


Effort and Attitude...

Life as an American citizen is all about choices and having the free will to pursue any hope, dream or vision that we may have for ourselves.

The pursuit of those dreams starts with our attitude and is followed up with the amount of effort that we are willing and able to put forth. Both are 100% in our own control.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it...that is a winning, successful attitude. If your mind starts to wander into insecurity, fear or doubt stop it right there and replace it with positivism, optimism and bravery. Stand tall today with an optimistic outlook on life and your future and everything in your life will surely begin to reflect that as well.

Not everyone has the same abilities in life therefore, we can only offer 100% effort to which we are able. If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, if you can't crawl, seek help. Never give up no matter what your goal is.



90 Minutes THR Elliptical



November 19th WOD

Happiness is a Journey

One day at a time...the past is gone. Okay, I am only posting this because the past two weeks have not been my best at getting in my workouts and I'm trying not to beat myself up over it.

Today is a gift and to celebrate the present, I made sure to hit the gym today!!! YIPEEEEE finally some me time in my gym!!! Well the gym at the Best Western it was.

I was also blessed today to spend a lovely fall day in the sun training my little puppy. I made the most of my "day off" and indeed had a beautiful day.


My journey is happiness.



My WOD is kind of light due to my having been absent from the gym. I wanted to walk tomorrow.

Two sets of 15 reps unless otherwise noted. Active recovery with no complete rest period between exercises.

Bench Press

          -Body Weight Squats x 50

Wide Lat Pull Downs

          -Walking Lunges x 26

Single Arm Cable Raises (shoulders)

          -Leg Curls

Bicep Curls

          -Leg Extensions

Tricep Push Downs


Andrew Ab Routine #1

20 Slow Crunches

15 Leg Raises

45 Seconds Rest

8 V-Ups

8 Laying Leg Raises

30 Seconds Rest

30 Flutter Kicks

10 Window Wipers

15 Seconds Rest

30 Side Crunches

10 In-N-Outs

30 Second Seal Stretch

30 Second Plank- Front, Left and Right



75 Minutes THR Elliptical


November 5th WOD

On Top of the World...

Today I woke up in my own bed in my own home. My oh my that felt good. It really is the simple things in life that make us the happiest and most fulfilled.

Feeling on top of the world, today was a great day. I felt amazing in the gym. Completely relaxed, with every rep, set, and exercise, my worries all seem to melt away.

What is left behind is me...feeling the muscles contract in my body with each concentric and eccentric movement, my heart beating faster, harder, like a tiny drum inside of me, my breath quick. I am completely in touch with myself, my body, my thoughts and my feelings. This is my happy place.

When I started working out over 10 years ago, I can honestly say that I did not feel like that. In fact, I was miserable in the gym and would rather do anything rather than workout. Today, I feel completely the opposite. My time in the gym is my reward and something that I look forward to.

If you dread the gym, keep after it, don't quit. It is only a matter of time before you call the gym your happy place too.


After completing the primary exercise (-) complete the active recovery exercise identified by the (*). There is no standing/sitting rest period between exercises or reps. Three sets of 12,10,8 for each exercise.

-Incline Bench


-Cable Flys

     *Walking Lunges

-Bench Press

     *Leg Extensions

-DB Military Press

     *Hamstring Curls

-Shoulder Raises

     *Calf Raises- 16/16/12


Abs #4- 30 second exercise followed by a 15 second rest. If you feel this is too easy sick with the 2:1 work to rest ratio and increase your times.


-Oblique Crunches

-Double Leg Raises

-Toe Touches


-Hanging Leg Raises

-Bicycle Crunches

-Raised Leg Circles

-Raised Leg Hold

-Mountain Climbers


-Hanging Knee Raises

-Prone Sit Ups


45 Minutes THR Stair Climber


November 4th WOD



Being fearless, having vision, believing in yourself, hustling, staying focused, getting out there, being motivated and that is a lot to take on, however, it can be done.

Today I found myself in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver, a little tired from my travels and not really wanting to get out of bed. The thought of pulling my covers over my head for a few extra hours was very enticing.

I have a vision for my health fitness that require me believe in myself in the possibility that my goals can be reached. It is up to me to make the time and hustle each and every day staying focused so that my goal will be actualized.

My motivation comes from many places. Today, I woke up and glanced at my phone where I found a text from my trainer Andrew. He sent me my next two workouts giving my the inspiration to head to the gym. Time to get after it!

Take some time and evaluate all of these factors for yourself. If there is someone or something that is dragging you down or keeping you from attaining your goals, time to make a change. Surround yourself with positivism and head in the direction of achieving your goals.


Back Day

All exercises 3 sets of 10, 8, 6 reps. Allow for a 45 second rest period between sets and a 90 minute rest period between exercises.

Close Grip Seated Row

Wide Lat Pull Down

Straight Bar Shrugs

Revearse Fly's

Abs- All abdominal exercises are to be completed in a circuit with as minimal rest period as possible between exercises.

Decline Crunches- 30

Flutter Kicks- 30 Seconds

Bicycle Crunches- 30 Seconds

Circles- 30 Seconds

Decline Crunches- 30

Plank Prone, Left & Right 30 Seconds Each

Decline Crunches- 30



55 Minutes THR Elliptical

20 Mintues HIT Elliptical- Max heart rate 170 BPM




November 1st WOD


Feeling Sore not Sorry...

Today, I was back on the road but before I hit the highway, I made sure to get in my workout. I am already feeling soreness in my muscles. Not sorry...soreness. That is a good feeling.

Everyday, you make the choice to feel sore or sorry.


Warm Up Set + 2 follow up sets with reps of 12 excluding walking lunges in sets of 25


Walking Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Leg Extensions

Andrew's AB Workout #4- 2-1 Rest Ratio


     -Oblique Crunches

     -Double Leg Raises

     -Toe Touches


     -Hanging Leg Raises

     -Bicycle Crunches

     -Raised Leg Hold

     -Mountain Climbers


     -Hanging Knee Raises

     -Prone Sit Ups


October 30th WOD


Making Time...

Today I am back on the road after a full 24 hours home. My destination, a youth mentor blacktail doe hunt in Roseburg OR.

In order to get in my workout, I was up at 4:15am so that I could be on the road by 7:00am and in the field hunting with 12 year old Emmett by 2:30pm.

I knew that I would not have enough time for a full THR cardio session, so instead, I trained for cardiovascular endurance and health with a high intensity run.


40 Minute Run

October 29th WOD


Giving your Best...

After taking a few days out of the gym in exchange for the Rocky Mountains, I was 100% ready to give my best today.







3 Sets, 12, 10, 8 Reps

Bench Press


Incline DB Press

Deep Squat with OH Plate Press

Lateral Flys

Abs- 25 Reps x 3 sets completed as a circuit. 30 seconds of rest between exercises and 60 seconds rest between rounds.

     -Leg Raises, Crunches, Decline Crunches, 10# Med Ball Side Touches

45 Minutes THR Stair Climber

45 Minutes THR Elliptical